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North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton January 1st 2006

Welcome to 2006. And what a start to the New Year it was. Like 99% of the world’s population, I started 2006 incredibly liquored up, owing to the fact that I spent the last hours of 2005 downing a wide array of alcoholic beverages. But hey, there are few better reasons to party. It was New Year’s, I was back in E-town amongst my good friends here, the Oil were locked in a fight for control over the Northwest Division with the evil Calgary Flames, and gosh darn it, I was determined to party like I was 25 again. The evening started with some pre-drinking drinking at Susan Sava’s new place. I’d heard grand stories about Susan’s funky down-town condo and I was not disappointed when I saw it for myself. Susan’s fixed up the place ... read more
Pre-Drinking at Susan's
Pre-Drinking at Susan's 2
Pre-Drinking at Susan's 3

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton December 23rd 2005

it's SO BORING here but im stuck until january img= img= img= img= img= img= trees??) img= hey at least theres ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton December 19th 2005

Finally I have started my 2-week North American trip. The first stop of my trip is Edmonton, the provincial capital of Alberta. On Friday, I reached the Pacific Central Station in Vancouver and I exchanged the proof of purchase of the Greyhound Discovery Pass for the actual pass. With this Greyhound pass, I can take an unlimited number of bus rides within Westcoast America within 21 days. The journey didn't start as smooth as I expected. Firstly, the Greyhound bus from Vancouver to Edmonton was late... Very late in fact... This was because there was too much people going to board the bus, so Greyhound decided to split the passengers into 2 buses - one bus would be stopping between Vancouver and Kamloops, and the other bus would be stopping between Kamloops and Edmonton. The arrangement ... read more
A morning stop at Jasper, AB
Breakfast stop at Edson, AB
The bus from Vancouver to Edmonton

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton December 12th 2005

crappy edmonton skyline picture! edmonton graffiti ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton December 12th 2005

my boyfriend john and i just got back from a train trip across canada. unfortunately we didnt make it ALL the way across, just to montreal, but it was still a wicked time. i will post pictures in my subsequent entries. ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton November 20th 2005

So I just got home from a three and a half year trip. I am tired. I wrote about the whole thing at Whereshegoes Writings I have to be honest. I need a break. There are so many things going through my head right now and I mostly feel like an emotional mess. I know this can happen. I have set myself up pretty good tho except that I feel really isolated at the moment. Its a little hard because I dont feel like many people really understand. And I am tired of trying to explain it. I guess I just feel a little out of it. May a little more than a little.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton November 10th 2005

Wake up? No, not yet. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. It's now 7! Time to catch my train. The train has arrived early...just like me. I didn't sleep well from 5-7AM 10 for fear I would sleep through my alarm and 2) the Dutch girl in the bunk below me kept talking in her sleep. If you're going to talk in your sleep at least have something juicy for the rest of us that have to listen to you. haha It was interesting though that she was speaking English is her sleep! Anyhoo, I had most of my stuff packed up last night so it was just my pj's and flip flops and toiletries that I had to shove into my bags before I was ready to check out. Then the taxi came super quick and I ... read more
Another view

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton November 9th 2005

No more shopping please Chillaxin' in Edmonton Easy going day. I took it pretty easy today since I have vowed not to do any shopping of any sort other than grocery shopping. Let's see how long this lasts. haha While making my breakfast of Japanese instant noodles (just trying to finish up my stash of food before leaving catching the train tomorrow) I met a Japanese girl and Canadian guy making some "sandwich maker bundles". Some contained red bean, some corn, some tuna and cheese. You get the idea. They had well over a couple of dozen of them made up! They were kind enough to share with me but I didn't want to appear too greedy and only helped myself to one. Not bad! Since my hair was still wet I decided to hang out ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton November 8th 2005

See Legislature Quite impressive inside here And the tour's free! I dilly dallied around the room organizing some of my things while Michelle packed up her bags. She wanted to move onto Calgary and then Banff sooner rather than later so as to be able to find herself a job. So with all of Michelle's stuff in tow we walked over the bridge into the downtown area to check out the Legislature Building. Michelle was a bit pressed for time so we just took a few quick photos outside of the buildings and then decided to find out where the bus depot was and whether we could walk there by noon or if Michelle would have to catch a cab. My plan was to see Michelle off and then head on back to the Legislature Buildings ... read more
Me and Michelle

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton November 7th 2005

West Edmonton Mall Shopping, shopping, more shopping Charge it to Visa! It's about 6AM right now and I had too much water to drink last night and can't sleep anymore on the train. So here I am writing in my journal. I'm just thinking that this is my second to last train ride before I get into Vancouver. Now what will the last few hours on that train be like? Will they seem to just drag on? I sure hope not! Once we pulled into Edmonton Station it was really crowded inside the tiny terminal building. I had to wait for the checked baggage to come out so I decided to check out what sort of brochures and leaflets they had on offer about Edmonton. That's where I had the chance meeting with Michelle from Australia. ... read more
Ice skating the Mall!

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