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June 25th 2009
Published: June 26th 2009
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well we finally done it! with the help of some wonderful friends and you know who you are cause your staying in our house. love you guys. we told the kids at the airport, well we didn't actually tell them but handed them an envelope to open. which had dollars and not euro's in it brendan and dana were quick to figure it on but declan took a bit longer. dana's first words where "oh! so i'm not going to get to eat lots of ice crean in italy then." we didn't get quite the reaction we expected. months of lying for a small reaction.

we didn't have long at the airport infact me(susan)and dana had to run the whole way to the gate.plane took of early thankfully. and we made really good time got from glasgow to calgary in 7hrs 20mins. the flight was really good in susan didn't freak out at all. well just a little bit but i closed my eyes and pretended i was at the gym.

we arrived at 3:50pm local time uncle bobbie was at the airport to meet us and drive to his place just south of edmonton (le duc).
we were all pretty tried by the time we got here.

i'll put soon pictures on as soon as we buy a new camera as ours has broke already. we have had a long busy first day. tell you about it next time.


28th June 2009

Glad you did not take mine.

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