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May 5th 2008
Published: May 5th 2008
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Here are a few things that I'll never forget:

-touching a kangaroo for the first time
-the prickly legs of a huntsman spider on my cheek
-my first day of surfing in Byron Bay, catching every wave
-seeing a snapping turtle just off of the Great Barrier Reef
-The talc-like sand on Whitehaven beach
-the freezing water in the Shotover river
-walking the volcanoes of North Island, New Zealand
-Following dolphin pods at the Bay of Islands
-the Kiwi shakes in Little India, Singapore
-Being scared for my life in Malaysia
-watching an amazing sunset on Perhentian Island, Malaysia
-Eating delicious Nani-goreng for breakfast at a bus stop in Terranganu, Malaysia
-Snorkelling the clearest water I've ever seen in Maya Beach, Thailand
-Watching Batik fabric being made on Tong Sai, Thailand
-Eating bugs for supper on Koh Penang
-Breathing underwater off of Koh Tao
-Having a Cockroach crawl up my leg on a street corner cafe in Bangkok
-watching the King of Thailand drive by from that same street corner
-screaming when I was being robbed outside of Wat Pho
-Looking over all of Bangkok with Kieran and Ant from the Skytower in Bangkok
-trying desprately not to fall of of an elephant in Chiang Mai
-Eating amazing food all day in Chiang Mai during my cooking class and having the most eye-opening conversation with a woman from Holland
-watching the sunset on the Murray river, Australia
-sitting on the moonlit beach at Apollo Bay, Australia
-walking past the ghost statues by myself in the quiet rain in Nikko, Japan
-Looking out from the dancing stage at Kiyomizu-dera, Kyoto
-waking up to sumo wrestlers in Tokyo, Japan

I hope you've all enjoyed this blog, but I want to leave it unfinished, because there's a lot more of the world to see and I'm nowhere near finished with it. So I hope you've all l


6th May 2008

Well Done
Have enjoyed following your blog over the last 5 months. You really packed a lot in in such a short space of time and wrote about it so very well. Being originally from Australia (and now living aboot 300kms of you) I still cant believe you were talked into having a Hunsman crawl on your face. That gave me nightmares :-) Take Care!

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