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North America » Canada » Alberta » Drumheller October 12th 2008

In order to take advantage of some very unseasonal warm weather, we decided to hire a car for a couple of days and check out some of the sites of Southern Alberta Drumheller is about 130km out of Calgary and is almost certainly the Dinosaur capital of world. The town has a bit of an obsession with these prehistoric beings and is home to the Royal Tyrell Museum (one of the world’s largest dinosaur museums), the world’s largest dinosaur and a dinosaur of some form or another can be found on nearly every street corner. We didn’t see a copy of Drumheller’s tourism strategy, but we are pretty confident it read something like: ‘when in doubt, a dinosaur is the answer’. If nothing else, a visit to the Royal Tyrell Museum eliminated another occupation off the ... read more
Hoodoos at Drumheller
Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump
At the Bottom of the Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump

North America » Canada » Alberta » Drumheller June 25th 2008

I gave the Last Chance Saloon its own entry because it is so friggin awesome. Anyway after we’d finished there we went and saw a few of the other attractions in Drumheller. The first of which was the Red Deer River Valley Badlands. The Badlands landscape is moon-like in appearance with gullies and twisting and winding canyons that have been intricately eroded. It was named the “badlands” as it was arid and thought to be unsuitable for farming. Although it was later found out to be rich with coal and fossils. I should probably know how the area was formed seeing as both my Dad and girlfriend are geographers, all I remember is that it was formed from retreating glaciers or something like that. Next up was a visit to the Star Mine Suspension Bridge which ... read more
Drumheller Dinosaur Muesem
Drumheller Hoodoo's
Red Deer River Valley Badlands

North America » Canada » Alberta » Drumheller June 24th 2008

After our campervan trip, Scott had to head back to work. The oil rig he works on is off the coast of India and he works 28 days on and then has 28 days off. Going back to work must suck but I can only imagine the excitement he experiences on his last day before 28 days off, I’m excited enough on a Friday afternoon. Nic and Tina’s mum Jenn still had a week or so in Canada so we made a few trips. The first was back towards Banff to do a few walks. The second was to Drumheller. Drumheller is a small town just over 100km’s northeast of Calgary. It used to be a city during the peak of the coal era in the 1920’s and 30’s but once that died off, so did ... read more
Last Chance Saloon
Last Chance Saloon
Last Chance Saloon - Tinkerbell the beer drinking horse

North America » Canada » Alberta » Drumheller May 5th 1995

Geo: 51.461, -112.7071 - Tyrell Museum... read more
Tyrell Museum
Tyrell Museum

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