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North America » Canada » Alberta » Drumheller June 3rd 2019

Monday 3rd June 2019 Yesterday we entered the “Badlands” of Alberta. It is a surreal and alien environment, semi-arid, hot, dusty and absolutely unique and fascinating; temperatures soared into the 30s by midday. The strata of millennia, seen in distinct horizontal bands of rock, from the late Cretaceous Age, around seventy million years ago onwards, provides the visitor with a sculptured landscape, painted through with a soft artist’s palette of shades of brown, white, black, grey and umber. Exquisitely beautiful! The Red Deer River carved out a long valley exposing these strata resulting in a mini Grand Canyon here in Alberta, which stretches from the Dinosaur Provincial Park west of Medicine Hat, north west to Drumheller and on to the town of Red Deer. Two hundred years ago, French explorers arrived here and found very little ... read more
The Red Deer River
This wasn't mentioned in "Lonely Planet" either!!!

North America » Canada » Alberta » Drumheller July 4th 2017

A highlight of Finley's trip so far was a visit to Drumheller Alberta.. The town is located approx 2 hours north east of Calgary. It's claim to fame is that it is located in the Alberta badlands and is home to many dinosaur discoveries. Finley loves dinosaurs and can name quite a few. The Royal Terrell Museum showcases many of the discoveries. We stayed overnight in a hotel with a pool/waterslide and returned to Banff the next day. For mor information on the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology see this link read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Drumheller May 10th 2016

Geo: 51.461, -112.707Back in the early days of her policing career, DH worked with a significant number of dinosaurs so she was eager to explore the former dinosaur playground in Drumheller. Theoretically this area holds abundant evidence (including a treasure trove of fossils) around the extinction of dinosaurs, but DH is convinced that many of them (including the relatively small brained Testosteronasaurus) survived the ice age. Many palaeontologists might argue that the sense of humour of a dinosaur started and finished with body noises which, again, would support DH's argument that extinction nor evolution has happened in all species.On the other hand, the sense of humour of the good denizens of Drumheller has evolved well beyond flatulence, and they've spread fibreglass dinosaurs all over town and, when we were there, they were just removing knitted wool ... read more
Alberta Badlands
Drumheller Dinosaur Statues Everywhere
Dinosaur Trail

North America » Canada » Alberta » Drumheller July 28th 2014

Badlands = les mauvaises terres Deux jours consécutifs avec du soleil, ca tourne au miracle. Les prévisions pour toute la semaine, dans la région, dépassent les 30* On y croit!!!!!. Je laisse Calgary derriere moi vers 9h, pas pressé, je n' ai que 150 kms a faire, pour me rendre a Drumheller, je cherche a éviter au maximun l' autoroute, mais je n' ai pas le choix, pour les 50 premiers kms, les 90 kms suivants, vont être, au milieu de terres agricoles et prairies, sans beaucoup d' intérêt. Même pas 3kms avant Drumheller, d' un seul coup, en haut d' une descente le cadre devient lunaire. C' est ahurissant. Un désert de roche, au milieu du quel coule une riviere, la Red Deer River. Premier arrêt a l' office du tourisme, on ne peut pas ... read more
pas encore dinosaure
les strates

North America » Canada » Alberta » Drumheller November 5th 2013

Drumheller is a wonderful little town full of dinosaurs. This little city in the middle of nowhere is one of Nane's favourite places to be and this made the trip extremely fascinating. We stopped on the way in at Horseshoe Glacier but because of the rare ice fog it was kind of hard to see how spectacular I bet it really is. Our first major stop was at the Tyrell museum which was beyond anything I had imagined it to be. The building was filled with fossils, dinosaur sculptures, more information then I knew what to do with, and even a real fossil recovery room. New major fossils are constantly being found and research is always being done to try and fit the ancient puzzle together. The prehistoric marine life exhibits would have caught my dads ... read more
Welcome to Drumheller!
Horseshoe glacier
Jurassic park!?

North America » Canada » Alberta » Drumheller May 19th 2013

We left Vancouver at 6:00pm and arrived in Kamloops around 9:30pm. We settled in at a local hotel, and enjoyed a delicious meal at the 24hr Denny’s. Dale had an avocado salad with a side of fries, and I had the grilled cheese senior’s meal with a side salad. Yum! The next morning we took off early at 7:30am (note, we tried for 6:00am, but it was day one and that didn’t happen). The ride through the Rockies was incredible. It’s one thing to live in Vancouver and see Grouse and Seymour mountains, but it’s a totally different experience going through the Rockies. They were awe inspiring and humbling. We stopped in at the local Timmy Ho’s in Golden BC, followed by a 5 minute stop while the cop wrote up Dale’s speeding ticket. We didn’t ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Drumheller September 20th 2012

The first time I went to Drumheller (Google map, I was accompanied by some friends of friends from Australia. We hiked around Horseshoe Canyon. We visited the Hoo Doos (which, by the way, are very close to the road - we somehow drove by them and out into the wilderness for about a ½ hour before we gave up and turned around...well, actually, the road completely ran out...when we got back to the main road, we realized the Hoo Doos were right there AND there’s a parking lot... ) The funniest thing about that trip, though, was that the Australians had never seen gophers before and were much more intrigued by them! And chased them around, calling "Come hee-ah little goofah". I actually wondered about this "goofah" issue, so I Googled, and it turns out ... read more
A "goofah"
Dinosaur Museum, Drumheller

North America » Canada » Alberta » Drumheller August 18th 2012

Off on another day trip, this time we head East to see the Hoodoos and Drumheller (Dinosaur capital of Canada). After 140km of driving we start to wonder were Drumheller is, the GPS shows it not too far ahead but there’s nothing to be seen except flat prairies. We see a sign warning of heading downhill, follow the road down, dropping into the valley and straight into Drumheller hidden in the canyon. Following the signs we head to the 87” high giant dinosaur in the centre of town, but yet again nothing to be seen, how can it be so big and we can’t see it, we come around the corner and see a giant T-Rex with people standing in his mouth. It’s also the information centre so we pick up some ... read more
Photo 41
Photo 12

North America » Canada » Alberta » Drumheller July 25th 2011

From the Rockies, we headed straight past Calgary and towards Drumheller. ‘Holy sweet Tuesday!’ was Brads exclamation as we headed off the number 2 and onto the 72 east and all we could see ahead of us was flat (not dead flat yet) agricultural land. ‘Can we still see the Rockies?’. Other brilliant conversations that evening included; Brad: ‘we’re entering wheatgerm county’, me: ‘I wonder why they call it that?’, Brad: ‘I think it’s because of all the canola’. After a brief stop for supper (burritos – Brad was madly craving meat by now!) on the side of the road, we made it to Drumheller with enough time before sundown to count an absurd number of dinosaur statues lining the streets. Drumheller is located along the Red Deer River in the region of Alberta called the ... read more
beautiful fossil at royal tyrell
us vegetarians need to stick together

North America » Canada » Alberta » Drumheller July 10th 2011

Drumheller is a town (formerly a city) within the Red Deer River valley in the badlands of east-central Alberta, Canada. The Drumheller portion of the Red Deer River valley is often referred to as Dinosaur Valley. The Royal Tyrrell Museum, located in Drumheller, is a leading centre of palaeontological research noted for its collection of more than 130,000 fossils. The museum is situated in the middle of the fossil-bearing strata of the Late Cretaceous Horseshoe Canyon Formation and holds numerous specimens from Dinosaur Provincial Park and the Devil's Coulee Dinosaur Egg Historic Nest Site. The badlands also have hoodoos, which are tall, thin spire of rock that protrudes from the bottom of an arid drainage basin or badland. Hoodoos consist of soft sedimentary rock topped by harder, less easily-eroded stone that protects each column from the ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

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