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August 18th 2012
Published: September 24th 2012
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Off on another day trip, this time we head East to see the Hoodoos and Drumheller (Dinosaur capital of Canada).

After 140km of driving we start to wonder were Drumheller is, the GPS shows it not too far ahead but there’s nothing to be seen except flat prairies. We see a sign warning of heading downhill, follow the road down, dropping into the valley and straight into Drumheller hidden in the canyon.

Following the signs we head to the 87” high giant dinosaur in the centre of town, but yet again nothing to be seen, how can it be so big and we can’t see it, we come around the corner and see a giant T-Rex with people standing in his mouth. It’s also the information centre so we pick up some maps, a souvenir, and pay the $3 to climb up and have a look out his mouth.

Now off to the Royal Tyrell Museum to have a look, we got there at midday on a Saturday, not the best time to go as there was a huge line-up, it took about 20 minutes to get through the door, but it was worth the wait, Shane was amazed at the huge, huge collection of dinosaur fossils. There was so much to see.

We were following a map for a self-guided tour of Drumheller and the Badlands which took us to Horsethief Canyon, again you dont see anything until you are right on top of it, an amazing view. The guide then took us to the Bleriot Ferry which is a cable-operated ferry and took us across the Red Deer River, we then drove back towards Drumheller and to the Hoodoos, on the way there we came across a suspension bridge, we crossed it to a mining area and then headed on towards the Hoodoos, The Hoodoos were a lot smaller then pictures make out but they still take millions of years to form. They are sandstone pillars that stand on a thick base of shale and are capped by a large stone.

On our way back home we side tracked to Horseshoe Canyon another amazing view. As we leave the carpark we follow a station wagon that forgot to put its boot down. Shane honked and flashed the lights and they looked back and still didn’t notice. They must have thought there window was very clean. We pulled in front of them and slowed them down until they pulled over. They were very thankful.

Arriving back in Calgary we get a vivid sunset to mark the end of a great day.

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25th September 2012

Fascinating blog . . .
This must have been a very interesting 'trip back in time' for you . . Love the photos and info'. Makes me wonder if we would be here at all, if those big Dinosaurs still roamed the earth. . ? I think we would have been the ones to go extinct first ! Thanks for a very interesting blog . . Well done you two also, for saving a carload of people from potential extinction too, by letting them know about their open carboot. That beautiful sunset was your reward. . Looking forward to your next adventure xoxoxo
25th September 2012

Thanks for the great dinotour!Keep them blogs cummin!

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