Calgary – The Rocky Mountaineer (aka National Disgrace) & ‘The Stampede’

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July 21st 2014
Published: July 21st 2014
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The Rocky Mountaineer – Vancouver to Calgary We get up at 5am to ensure that we are ready and make the trip to the Rocky Mountaineer Railway station which is a 20 min walk from the Pacific Central Station we arrived at a week ago. We leave the Hotel at 6am and get the Sky Train to Main Street station. As we are preparing to walk to the RM train station we notice a RM Van pull up & go to the guy... Read Full Entry

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21st July 2014
Bridges from the train

rocky moutaineer.
hi there, read you blog covering your trip on the RM. we will undertake a trip on same next year to celebrate out 65th/70th birthdays and our 40th wedding anniversary. really looking forward to it as we will tie-up with our nephew in saskatoon and old freinds in vancouver. any tips/information you may have would be gratefully received. glenys and fred chase.
2nd September 2014
Bridges from the train

Rocky Mountaineer
Hi Glenys and Fred, thanks for reading the blog. You'll have seen that we aren't fans of Rocky Mountaineer as a result of our experience (and we're still waiting for a response to our complaint 2 months later despite chasing!!). So our best advice to you, especially as your trip is to mark such special events, would be do the trip but with a different form of transport. We'd hate your dreams to be shattered by RM's inefficiency. Perhaps hire a car or do a coach trip and stay in some really super places with the money that you will save - and you'll get to see so much more, which is what we did travelling back the other way. Hope this is helpful and best wishes for your special occasions. Caroline & Michael
23rd July 2014

How unfortunate about that trip through the Rockies! I'd planned to cross Canada from east to west, but will certainly reconsider that. I just looked on their site and was shocked at the prices. I went from NY to Chicago and then to California on trains at a fraction of this cost--so surprising that prices are higher in Canada. However, looks as if you're going to enjoy the sites much more in your car!
25th August 2014

US/Canadian Railways
HI Michael and Caroline. Sylvia and I took the train in the US from Boston to Seattle (haven't written that log yet:(). We noticed that the train was very slow and was frequently passed by freight trains. We were told by our car attendant that the track owners made more money from freight trains than from passenger trains so the freight trains got priority. We were 14 hours late getting to Seattle but as we were in no hurry it didn't bother us. The journey itself and the train experience was a lot of fun.

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