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January 31st 2012
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Not long ago I obtained the Sole F80 Treadmill. Subsequently after quite a few conversations together with my better half regarding the serious desire on the treadmill exercise machine residing in that cold place my husband moved me as well, I started this seek to the great home treadmill for my situation. A great deal of the analysis was fairly simple somebody suggested that I check out a number of sites with regard to assessments on most of those treadmills on the market. These types of sites usually are terrific; I really could see what exactly looks like a great deal, precisely what is the best treadmill machine in a price range plus things like it. However,<span><span><span><span>at this time I had put together to determine just what my own price range was and what actually I needed on a treadmill machine, considering that when I get my treadmill it's going to have to keep working for me quite a few years.

By almost everything I was selecting upon treadmills, you will find there's difference if you need to run on one or simply walk. That big difference features a bunch to do together with selling price, all those treadmills we can see that cost about 5 hundred dollars are certainly not created for sports people. Its engines can't work with it that belt seriously isn't very long sufficient, and the belts are usually slide after a little while. What I found was that in case you are searching for a running fitness treadmill you ought to start up from $1,000 or higher.

Right now came deciding on characteristics, wow people you could get a treadmill machine with just about anything at present. Right from heartbeat monitors a virtual screen having a virtual runner to perform unique trails. Insane this items you can obtain, but keep in mind the better functions you have the upper the cost goes. I lastly made the decision that what I wanted was a heartbeat monitor strap definitely not the hand holds; What I’m saying is have one attempt jogging and even keeping them it can be a suffering in the ass. We even need an iPod hook up along with a fan could be nice.

All right, therefore at this moment We ultimately got an understanding about what exactly I can pay out and also what exactly I wanted then my investigation started. We examine quite a number of feedbacks and finally decided the Sole F80 seemed to be the treadmill machine in my circumstances. It's got an old brother the F85 that I have been looking into also for about five hundred bucks extra; the sole improvement is actually a larger engine and larger running floor. Granted this stuff is usually very important for sportsmen, however what exactly Sole F80 had was basically ideal for me. You understand I am not really a fast runner and I am sort so this 3.0 horse power motor and the 20x55 running area are simply good for me.

Right now I am sure you can be wondering just what exactly I think about this. All I can declare people, could it be LOVE in the beginning run. The thing rocks. Its electric motor is noiseless, its belt is comfortable together with clean, its sound system is actually clear and also loud, and the heartbeat tie can be accurate. Just one down side would be the fans kind of poor. Truth is told I usually do not even feel them as soon as they are working. But I could stay with that. Among the finest capabilities the treadmill provides is handles could be the arms to ensure you aren't required to reach up to the display if you'd like to speed up or down or increase or reduce its incline. This helps it much simpler to switch everything on a run. We have made use of numerous treadmills at different fitness center and also have frequently hated the heart rate holds. When I wanted to measure my own HR I was required to grab these stupid things together with maintain one for a few minutes to get a checking and the majority of time it's not correct any more. Well Sole F80 treadmill contains the grips that I don't believe are very precise at least definitely not when running additionally it also possesses a heart strap monitor. Therefore well before your run you simply put it on and you just own a correct data for your run. LIKE IT!

So to split that down for your needs, Sole F80 treadmill is actually a very good deal runner's treadmill. The average price is $1,500 new. Here are the technical specs.


• Assembled Dimensions: 33 by 75 by 58 inches (W x L x H)
• Motor: 3.0 HP
• Incline: 0 to 15%
• Folded Dimensions: 68 by 43 inches (H x D)
• Running surface: 20 by 55 inches
• Weight capacity: 350 pounds
• Speed: 0.1 to 12 miles per hour
• Belt: 2-ply
• Roller: 2.75 inches
• Deck: 1-inch Whisper
• Fold-up: Easy Assist Fold
• Display Type: LED
• Quick speed/elevation buttons: 12
• Pulse Grip
• Color: Red
• Heart Rate Control
• Heart Rate Chest Strap Included
• Six-Window Display
• 2 User-Defined Programs
• 2 Heart Rate Programs
• Accessory tray
• 6 Standard Programs
• Speed/elevation in handles
• Built-in cooling fans

So basically we would totally recommend Sole F80 treadmill to anybody who's going to buy a treadmill.

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