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March 1st 2011
Published: March 10th 2011
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Today we left Calgary with a 5:00am alarm. With the last few chores done and a few things to do to shut up the home we were house sitting we were off. I was quite anxious about whether our car could pull our trailer. It’s packed full; a small 4’x8’ trailer but it is moving rather smoothly. Conversation in the car is a bit limited. I’m not sure why. Sometime I wonder if it’s because my mind is in other places? Perhaps I just don’t feel like talking right now. Shit, I’m always talking. I sometimes need a break. Perhaps there is there nothing new to talk about? Whatever, there is everything new to talk about. We are listening to David Suski’s “The Bottom Line”. Very interesting. I love DS! He just went into the food system and interviewed Joel Salatin about his farming practices versus conventional farming.

Our plan is to make it to Winnipeg tonight to stay with Robert. A 13 hour drive. As we drive through the flat prairie I cannot help thinking about the decision we have made. Our home. Our only home for the past 5 years. The last couple days have been one good bye after another. I really hate saying goodbye. I feel like i’ve been doing it all my life. I’m sorta an old pro at it. We said our last good byes looking in the rear view mirror to a city that has been a very interesting and difficult one to figure out. I wonder about the friends I’ve left behind and the community we have created for ourselves. I felt so well connected in Calgary and so, at home. I now cannot stop my thoughts about where will our next home be. My whole life has been jumping around from ‘home’ to ‘home’. It’s funny because as a child all I ever did was draw houses and build houses out of Lego. Perhaps my destiny is a home.

The prairies are so beautiful. So flat. We’ve seen so many great animals. Antelope and coyotes have been the main ones. It’s crazy that they can keep so warm when it’s so damn cold outside. Today for lunch we stopped in Swift Current. We ventured for lunch. It was so damn cold out but we really did not want Subway. We asked around and finally found this little place called “Soups and Such”. It was in the basement of this rundown ‘mall’. Very friendly people. They were extremely interested in our trip and kept asking how we found out about their little restaurant. Sometimes I hate eating out. I know I can make a way better sandwich which is healthier and cheaper, but it was great to meet some of the locals. Its what traveling is all about, right?

Tomorrow we plan on staying either in Minneapolis or Madison. We really want to experience some micro-brews. Then we are off to Cleveland to stay with Rich and Mom for a day or two. Neikko will be there also.


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