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July 19th 2010
Published: August 28th 2010
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After breakfast we caught the train to Calgary’s tiny little skytower. It looked so much bigger in the pictures… But back when it was built it would’ve been the tallest thing around, unfortunately technology and engineering took over and compared the buildings around it, it is kind of dwarfed in perspective.

But regardless of it’s lack of height we still had an incredible view of Calgary. It is such a beautiful green city. There was also a glass floor which looked pretty neat looking straight down.

Had lunch at cool restaurant, really high ceilings. Looked old world but felt modern. It was called Br & (cool way of saying Brand…)

We caught the train and then a bus to pick up our hire car from airport - look out Canada!

They upgraded us to a Volvo S80, who would’ve thought a Volvo would be so nice, sunroof, super comfortable, my butt started getting really warm that’s when we discovered it had heated seats. I want to sleep in this car!

Went to shopping centre in search of backpack bag, then was sent to a different shop. Got one! Was this just an excuse to shop or drive, hhmmmm.

We went to our first Hooters for dinner, good menu and great food. Has a real family feel to it, even with the girls wearing their tight orange shorty shorts and tight white tank tops. There was a family with 3 small kiddies sitting near us, they were given balloons and coloring in sheets. It doesn’t have a sleezy feel to it at all. Our waitress was great, even there only 2 waitresses working and they were flat out, we were never left wanting for anything. I would say if anything, they paid me more attention than Tim! I am already looking forward to the next one, because there were so many things on the menu I want!

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28th August 2010

A Volvo????? My sister is driving a Volvo?????? Oh the shame of it all......
29th August 2010

I know, a Volvo...
But it had heated seats and a sunroof....

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