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August 12th 2010
Published: August 23rd 2010
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It poured rain in the night for about an hour. For breakfast, we had Saskatoon berries on cereal. We stopped so Nancy could pick the other crop we’ve been puzzled about. It’s a grass-like crop with a thick stem and with many branches of small beans. After our last trip, we know it’s NOT soybeans. Around Edmonton and Calgary, we’ve seen lots of agriculture as far as the eye can see in any direction. It looks like Kansas or Iowa. Wait a minute. When we Americans think of Montana, we think of it as way up north, cold in the winter, too cold for crops, the cattle would freeze in the winter, sparsely populated, few fields of crops. Then, we Americans drive a few miles FARTHER north and we’re in a place that’s similar geographically, but it has cities with over a million people and is settled, developed, and growing crops farther north for several HUNDRED miles! Kinda changes the way we think about Montana. Does our government own the land so people can’t farm? Is the land itself not suitable for crops? Hmm. Is this “thinking globally“, Seth? An eye-opener.
It poured and poured and poured rain and was very windy after we got on the road. Driving through Calgary in the driving rain was not fun. After that, we saw hail piled up at the edges of the road. At least we missed that. It got down to 45 degrees. Rich said it was the worst driving day of the whole trip. He was exhausted from the tension. We got to Fort McLeod and stopped.
Then, we set up in the rain and the mud, and it rained all night.


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