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July 17th 2010
Published: July 17th 2010
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Thanks to random person on pathway.
Less than a week to go before we fly! The last few weeks have been very busy getting ready for our honeymoon adventure.

July 9 was the last day at work for both of us. It was an exciting day full of mixed emotions and difficult goodbyes. This is also when the pay checks end...

Having done this before, we should be much better at this whole packing thing. But despite our lessons learned from our last trip, our bags are still over-full and probably weigh more than even the most lenient baggage limits…we have a week left to resolve our issues…

On Monday we’ll pick up our Chinese visas which should have been the last ones that we needed for our first section of our trip. Unfortunately due to unrest in southern Kyrgyzstan, our trip itinerary has been diverted through Kazakhstan into northern Kyrgyzstan to avoid the trouble spots. This means that we need a last minute visa for Kazakhstan, but we do not have time to mail away for it before departing for Vienna. So, looks like we’ll be spending some time at the Kazakhstan consulate in Vienna or Istanbul…

Here are some photos from
Self portraitSelf portraitSelf portrait

Using tripod and remote.
our wedding on June 18. The wedding couldn’t have turned out more perfect. We had an outdoor ceremony and a BBQ reception. Following the wedding, we spent the weekend near Banff and took some self-portraits in our wedding attire.
Here's a link to some photos taken by our photographer: Wedding Photos

Additional photos below
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Self portraitSelf portrait
Self portrait

Using tripod and remote.
Self portraitSelf portrait
Self portrait

Using tripod and remote.
Portrait funPortrait fun
Portrait fun

Thanks to Candice H.

Thanks to Sonya and Dave R.
Signing the registerSigning the register
Signing the register

Thanks to Cliff Y.
Cutting the cakeCutting the cake
Cutting the cake

Thanks to Jackie M.
Groom and Best ManGroom and Best Man
Groom and Best Man

Thanks to Jim S.
Before the revealBefore the reveal
Before the reveal

Thanks to Elizabeth S.

17th July 2010

What you're bringing
A few suggestions, based on the picture: Ditch the flip-flops. Not only will they be available there, they're poor choices for footwear in 3rd world places. Ditto on the playing cards, spare paper, etc. DO take the ThermaRest 3-season. You'll be glad you did. Be sure to get a patch kit (in case) and one for each of you. Scan the book stuff in and save it as a Google document (to go along with your gmail account, another real lifesaver at times.) Then keep any truly essential pages with you, but ditch all the heavy, bulky books. Cut the clothing in half, then remove the stuff that isn't technical, essential. (If you need climbing shorts, you need climbing shorts and probably can't buy that sort of thing in a 3rd world country.) Most everything else is available where you're going, and will be far cheaper than the baggage costs. Every time I go, I learn how much less I really needed to have carried with me. ENJOY! Happy honeymoon! JT
17th July 2010

Hey Jordan and Kathie, I just wanted to say again have a wonderful trip. I am looking forward to reading your blog and seeing all your amazing pictures. Love your cuz Julie :)
18th July 2010

health tips
I have a friend in Shanghai, and she says take along really good masks, as the air in many Chinese cities is not breathable. Also, she got very sick--a lung infection, no surprise--and had to come back to US because they only had one kind of antibiotics, so take along some. Also, in any 3rd world country, needles tend to be reused, but you can buy any drug you need OTC. Stop and buy a few insulin syringes (usually come in pack of ten) and 3cc which is what you would need if you got sick. If you should have any need for a shot, that will save you a lot of grief. If crossing borders with them might be a problem, they are cheap and I'm sure you could ditch them and buy more. Do NOT bring back to US. Also, most Asian countries the pharmacists do the prescribing and are well-trained, often in London, so if you have any concerns, that is always a possible source of help. As to water relate illnesses, a couple drops of bleach, disinfects a whole gallon. You can also carry along really good filters, and that gets rid of the rest. Nightsoil is commonly used to grow food in China, so beware.

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