The Famous Five's Alaskan Adventure - Episode Two - 'It's a Stampede to see Cousin Laura in Calgary!'

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June 22nd 2019
Published: June 23rd 2019
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Up bright and early this morning (19th June) for our onward journey to Calgary. Our flight was at noon from Toronto and whilst the drive should take under 90 minutes, we weren't sure how the traffic would be, so we were aiming to be on the road by 7 am and surprise surprise, we were (!)...........bill paid, checked out and car collected! We did have one last look at the Falls beforehand and it alw... Read Full Entry

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Banff 8Banff 8
Banff 8

Looking across from near the Rim Rock hotel.
Banff 9Banff 9
Banff 9

And another one from near the Rim Rock.
Driving back from BanffDriving back from Banff
Driving back from Banff

The views that keep in giving!
Flooding, flooding, everywhere!Flooding, flooding, everywhere!
Flooding, flooding, everywhere!

The new ponds in the neighbouring gardens!
Cochrane 1Cochrane 1
Cochrane 1

The front of Guy's Bakery & Cafe, with the Hyundai parked right out front!
Cochrane 2Cochrane 2
Cochrane 2

The inside of the cafe, with Laura and Mandy doing the 'coffee and bun' run.
Cochrane 3Cochrane 3
Cochrane 3

The welcome sign, with the town's logo.
Cochrane 4Cochrane 4
Cochrane 4

More Cochrane signage.
Cochrane 5Cochrane 5
Cochrane 5

And, we weren't tempted by the ice cream shop behind!
Crowfoot Station 1Crowfoot Station 1
Crowfoot Station 1

The start of our train journey.
Crowfoot Station 2Crowfoot Station 2
Crowfoot Station 2

A selfie at the station.
Calgary Tower 1Calgary Tower 1
Calgary Tower 1

The Tower against a BLUE sky.
Calgary Tower 2Calgary Tower 2
Calgary Tower 2

A view to the Bow River...
Calgary Tower 3Calgary Tower 3
Calgary Tower 3

My feet suspended in mid air!
Calgary Tower 4Calgary Tower 4
Calgary Tower 4

The girls, happy on the glass floor!
Calgary Tower 5Calgary Tower 5
Calgary Tower 5

Laura and I looking a bit more relaxed.
Calgary 1Calgary 1
Calgary 1

A park dedicated to the Winter Olympics....
Calgary 2Calgary 2
Calgary 2

.....and again.
Calgary 3Calgary 3
Calgary 3

An interesting wall!
Calgary 4Calgary 4
Calgary 4

Stephen Avenue Walk....
Calgary 5Calgary 5
Calgary 5

.....and again.

23rd June 2019

I know the answer, it's Mount Elbert - clever me!!!!!!!! (By the way, they are threatening us with 32 degrees by the end of the week (bloody nightmare!!!!!!)
23rd June 2019

So, so close Gilly, but I think that hot weather has gone to your head! Mount Elbert is indeed the highest point in the Rockies, but the US Rockies not the Canadian, where Mount Robson reigns supreme. Thanks for taking the time to plough through each Episode Gill, I really appreciate it. Lots of love from us two. xx

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