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March 3rd 2019
Published: March 3rd 2019
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We say sky is the limit! It is indeed! Yes, this is a short video clip of my bucket-list to reach those limits and have some fun! Anything above the ground, it excites me like a kid. I did my first sky dive in Calgary. And my colleague Chad was my Guru. He already has over 200 jumps under his belt. Each time we used to go out for coffee break invariably he would ask me,
“Tab, when are you going to jump?”

I said, “Forget it man, why do I pay for something that I am going to have nightmare every night? I grew up having milk and cereal in the morning and a home-made dinner at night. I don’t need these hassles!” Chad used to laugh, but never gave up. He said,

“Boss, when you float in the air like a bird, you would want to do it again and again.”

“Forget it, let’s discuss the next project.” I said

“Do you know how it feels to free fall from 15,000 feet at a terminal velocity?” Chad wouldn’t give up.

“No I wouldn’t, because I would be dead as soon as I jump out of the plane, - heart attack.” I replied.

“No you wouldn’t, because you wouldn’t feel, you will feel you are floating.” Chad said

“You mean I am falling through the open air like a 60 kg stone and I feel that I am floating! Give me a break! Who do you think you are kidding?”

“Trust me, I have done over 200 jumps now.” Chad replied

“Trust you? Of all the people in the world? You must be joking.” I sneered.

“Hey, what’s your problem? You will be jumping in tandem with an experienced jumper?” Chad knows how to convince. Slowly, I gave up.

And in one fine morning I made my first jump just from a twin engine just outside Calgary. Chad kept his word. He jumped just before I did and made the video. Guess what, he was right…I got hooked. During my second jump over the Rockies, I even jumped ahead before my tandem partner was full ready. He gave me a shit once we settled on the air. And Chad was right… now I love free fall the most; it’s like a missile heading towards the ground. Once the parachute opens at 5000 feet, I drift around, tumble…it’s fun! Since that time, anything above the ground, I am game,- paragliding, parasailing, zip lining, skydiving,- you name it.

My boss owns a single engine Cessna. I took out the puppy for a spin. The devil did not behave well with this novice. It suddenly took a nose dive when I fiddled the control more than what I needed. My boss was on my side, “What the hell…?” He asked. “Sorry boss,” I turned the control around. Again, I made over correction. The single engine turned around 180 degrees towards the sky and jetted towards the heaven. “Are you going to kill us?” the boss asked. I laughed, “isn’t it a nice way to die?” I was chuckling. The plane did not behave at all in the air pockets, and I felt adrenaline rush. Am I an adrenaline junkie? Possibly I am. But that is what I am. I am sure you would love to do some of these monkey business too. This is all what I narrated in my last book. Hope you would enjoy the video clip.

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3rd March 2019

How very, very cool!. I've never seen an ultralight like the one you were in over Cambodia. What a great adventure! I have had the pleasure of taking a balloon over the temples in Myanmar, and a more prosaic balloon ride in Michigan. The quietness and sense of floating is unmatched.
3rd March 2019

Karen, I am so glad that I have at least one partner in Travelblog who shares my excitement of fun in the sky. Yes, balloon ride in Bagan (Maynmar) is in my bucket list. I was planning to go there from Laos this January, but my right leg fracture in Africa put a damper. Yes, the serenity around you floating in sky is unparalleled, isn't it?
4th March 2019

Soaring like a bird!!
Freedom in the sky.... Living life to the fullest. We've been in hot air balloons and couple of times and I've parasailed in the Caribbean. Dave did one jump in college and says not again. We did enjoy the zippiness in Costa Rica.
4th March 2019

Soaring like a bird!!
There you go MJ...between you and David, you have covered all! That's what I love of don't step away from living life to the fullest! I always draw inspiration from you!

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