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November 2nd 2006
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We travelled from Calgary to Medicine Hat, and then Medicine Hat to Brandon, and then from Brandon to Winnipeg, visiting Wal-Marts along the way. Highlights included stopping at Brooks, Alberta for a pic and to continue a family tradition (and visit a Wal-Mart), and our night out in Brandon.

In Brandon we decided to go out to Houston's, a country-western bar that was right beside the hotel we were staying at. It was late and we had a big day the next day, so we'd just go in for a couple fizzy ones and hit the sack. Then we met the Brandon boys, as we affectionately call them now. A couple of young guys from another town an hour and a half down the highway and in town for a good time sat down behind Geoff. Soon enough we were asking where they were from and before we knew it there were countless shots on the table (called marijuana milkshakes... i have no idea what was in it, but i'm sure it was perfectly legal) and as many beers. Things at Houstons were pretty slow despite a lively cover band... we were told by the hotel staff that it was
The world's tallest teepeeThe world's tallest teepeeThe world's tallest teepee

This was found in Medicine Hat, shot as we were leaving early in the morning.
old fogey night... so we moved on to Roundhouse, a club down the street recommended to us by the Brandon boys. This was where most of the moving and shaking went on... it was a full on dance club. After a great time at Roundhouse we moved on to Humpty's, an all-day breakfast joint within walking distance. It was a great time, and it was interesting (to say the least) to hear some of the boys' stories.

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focus and determinationfocus and determination
focus and determination

The name Geoff gave to his creative facial hair. I couldn't look at him for twelve hours. Imagine him trying to talk business at Wal-Marts!

definately the biggest moose on the road. I actually forget where this was at....
At RoundhouseAt Roundhouse
At Roundhouse

Geoff and one of the boys at our night out in Brandon

This guy said that his summer job is guiding elk hunting trips into the mountains for rich Americans... I definately haven't met an elk hunting guide before!
A challengerA challenger
A challenger

The dude on the left popped out of the shadows of the dance club and challenged one of the boys. Loser buys a beer. I've never seen a serious arm wrestle before... the guy on the left lost miserably. twice.
And another one!And another one!
And another one!

Geoff was feeling strong and thought he'd have a go at it. This one was just for fun though.
At Humpty'sAt Humpty's
At Humpty's

Geoff and Andy post water fight in the washroom at Humpty's. I can't remember who started it first. Geoff looks like he's ready to try out for the Brandon Wheat Kings!
You should see the other guyYou should see the other guy
You should see the other guy

Andy was pretty soaked too.

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