Day 16: Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head

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August 31st 2019
Published: September 1st 2019
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We woke to thunder claps and steady rain. No need to get out of bed then!

The thunder stopped - the rain didnt'.

We roused eventually and had breakfast. Our plans for a ride to the lake were delayed until the afternoon when the rain was meant to clear. Instead we spent the morning finalising the last week of our trip and trying to book all of our accommodation and connections.

When we get back to Vancouver we'll head straight to Seattle by train. We've booked tickets for an NFL game on the Sunday (very excited). We'll head by ferry over to Vancouver Island and spend a night there before heading back to Vancouver by ferry. Tom and I, and maybe Jeff will then head off to Whistler for a day trip while Graeme has other plans at the Vancouver Aquarium. We really have packed a lot into our last week.

It took until 2pm for us to finish making all the necessary bookings and the rain still had not stopped. If anything it was getting heavier which ruled out our ride to the lake. We decided to catch the bus in to town and do some shopping for dinner and provisions over the next few days. For dinner Jeff and Tom cooked up a massive serve of spag bol. After dinner I finally went to try the sauna and spa here at the resort and am now kicking myself I didn't go earlier.

Over the next few days as we travel from Banff to Jasper we are in a more remote area with basic accommodation and facilities. Much more likely to see some wild life too.


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