Day 15: Does Anyone from Canada Work in Banff?

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August 30th 2019
Published: August 31st 2019
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Another relaxing sleep-in this morning followed by a hearty breakfast. We better start riding again soon otherwise we'll be carrying a lot more weight up the Rockies than we planned!
Our main adventure today was the Banff Gondala. It was only 7kms from where we're staying so we took the bikes - down the steep hill through town and then up a much longer but less steep hill the ther side to get to the Gondala.
The Banff Gondala is around 1500m at hte bottom and climbs to 2250m at the top - almost Kosciosko height. The ride takes about 10 minutes in little Gondalas that seat four passengers. The views as you climb are breath taking, but not as goos as when you get to the top.
Looking out over Banff there are five valleys that intersect into a flat basin. The Bow River winds it's way in from one direction, flows down the Bow Falls, and then winds it way out the other. Every way you look there are mountains towering over the top of it stretching out fro as far as the eye could see.
There was a small walk at hte top to an old abandoned weather station, it was also used for Cosmic Ray Research before particle accelerators were built.
From this height you have an uninterrrupted 360 degree view of the Rockies. All I can say is this is definitely worth the long flight over and something everyone should have the privelige of seeing for themselves. The Canadian government also deserves some credit for being so progressive in reserving this area as a National Park (one of the first in the world) back in the mid 1800s.
No matter how good the photos may look, they certainly don't do justice to the rugged mountains that panned out before us.
Our plans for tomorrow includde a small ride of about 25kms for our last rest day out to a nearby lake.

Where Are The Locals?
At the Gondala station the two guys ushering us on to the gondala where from Darwin, at the top of the mountain we were served by the 3 Aussies in the coffee shop. At the first bike shop we stopped at, the guy from the Gold Coast served us. At the second bike shop we visited, the guy from Echuca served us. The girl at the liquor store was from Wagga. We figure there are no Canadians in Banff!

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