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May 28th 2011
Published: May 30th 2011
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Hi Everybody!
If you are looking for a safe spot for a vacation, you might want to consider Bermuda. It is only 2 1/2 hours from Atlanta. It has a sunny, temperate climate (70's & 80's), beautiful pink sand beaches, is very clean, and has friendly people. The only negative is that it is expensive! Everything is imported from the U.S. They grow a few crops but are unable to meet the needs of the population. Luckily, the citizens do not have to pay income tax or sales tax. The island has zero unemployment.
I assumed Bermuda was one large island but quickly discovered that it is made up of six main islands joined by bridges. There are actually 138 islands, but some are just large volcanic rocks. Bermuda is 21 square miles. Locals call the island, the Rock. There are no rental cars. Each household is allowed to own one car. Other family members have to drive scooters. You see very few bicycles. Tourists rent scooters or do as we did and buy bus-ferry passes.
The homes are pastel in color and have white molded roofs that appear to be made of concrete. They look like stair steps and are made to collect rainwater.
Before coming here, I did not know the history of the island. In 1609, nine ships left England for the colony of Jamestown. A hurricane separated one ship from the rest, and it eventually landed on the shore of Bermuda. The survivors discovered a land of plenty. After a year, some chose to stay on the island and others went on to Jamestown. St. George is the first town that was established. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is over 400 years old.
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Colorful HouseColorful House
Colorful House

We have seen houses of every color.
Bikini Calendar Girl from AtlantaBikini Calendar Girl from Atlanta
Bikini Calendar Girl from Atlanta

This is one of the Atlanta Falcon cheerleaders. They were in St. George doing a photo shoot. I overheard the announcer say, "From Buckhead to Bermuda . . ." I talked to her and some of the cheerleaders. They were very friendly.
Dunking ChairDunking Chair
Dunking Chair

This chair was used on nagging, talkative wives. Walt asked me to volunteer to be dunked. You can imagine what I told him!
Molded RoofMolded Roof
Molded Roof

All of the roofs appear to be made of concrete. They are molded like steps and are painted white. The roof is made to catch rainwater which is stored under the house. I guess a hurricane couldn't blow them off.
Church Sign with ChickenChurch Sign with Chicken
Church Sign with Chicken

We have seen chickens in many parts of the island wandering freely.
Pretty ChurchPretty Church
Pretty Church

We walked from the Dockyard on the West end of the island to a naval cemetary. We passed this pretty church on the way.
Cross MarkerCross Marker
Cross Marker

Each marker gave the reason for the sailor's death. Many were from drowning.
Marker for 5 SailorsMarker for 5 Sailors
Marker for 5 Sailors

All of these sailors died from the yellow fever epidemic of 1864.

5th March 2012

Very interesting blog! I feel you provided some great information for anyone considering a trip to Bermuda. I love the pictures. I also wrote a blog on Bermuda. Please check it out!

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