Photos from Middle East - page 3

High Rated (4.5)
Inside the Shipyards
Multiflavoured turkish delight
No Floaties required
Britt testing the Dead Sea
One of the Swimming Pools... for the warmer weather
Jumeriah Mosque
The Dubai Desert
Museum of Islamic Arts....stunning...
Spice Market
Jameh Mosque
Jameh Mosque
Barandaz Lodge
Houses come right to the beach.
Families bargain with locals for their sea trip.
Waiting for the kids to come and play.
Hauled above the tide line, fishing boats await their next sortie
Quantab Beach
Warning, there are strong currents
Yitti Beach
Starting to collapse
Roof, gone.
Windows on the world.
Inside, looking out.
Doors sway and invite you in.
Door, no more.
The Souk entrance
The entrance to the Souk.
The deeper you go.......
Aladdin's cave.
Your choice.
Got blue if you want it.
Bangles galore
At last....
The View from Agios Georgios
Just needs......
Like drunken whales.........
Do try to keep up please
Leaping dolphin 4
Sand crab
Leaping dolphin 4
Hot Air Balloon Ride
Yes, still here.....
A bottle of wine......
Baby sized portions
Large red Turkish flags mark the territory and .....
The setting sun cast a silver light across the water and..
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