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Middle East » Oman » Muscat October 29th 2006

What a country!!!!! Some of the sights of Oman simply have to be seen to be believed...but we'll do our best to convey some of the magic of this country via the blog... First couple of days we lashed out and stayed at the Chedi Hotel. The architecture, ambience, food, service and general experience was just divine. Spent days lying under an umbrella on the beach, evenings playing tennis or grappling with the treadmill and nights eating the most delicious delicious food! We reluctantly checked out of the Chedi to give the credit card a breather and moved into another...'interesting' Omani establishment, the Qurm Beach Hotel. Think 1970's arab kitch design meets bollywood...doozie of a hotel! Spent a few hours wandering around Muscat in the heat of the day and were left wondering why we always ... read more
Chedi Bedroom
Chedi Beach
Chedi Lawns

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Bursa October 29th 2006

Hey everybody, wow..i am so happy it was my first experience in travelling abroad ...i loved it. The country of Ataturk is amazing, i saw coloured buildings totally different from mine in Tunisia, most of people were so friendly with me.they found me funny, may be because i am foreigner. I arrived in istanbul, by plane at 13:00, 29th of october2006, then i stretched to otoger( a beautiful girl helped me in metro station ) to catch the Bus for Bursa,also i built a friendship with ticket officer in kamil koc company ( for transportation, ..i am satisfied with it ), he invited me for this point i want to say that you must be aware in Istanbul,its a crowded city wih 15 millions population; Advice ,don't trust anybody...even a new friend can lie for ... read more
pass boarding
ahead of masjed in Bursa central city
underground, shop : in Bursa

Middle East » Lebanon » Beirut October 28th 2006

D'you like the look of our swish hotel? Thought I'd push the boat out and treat wee Jules to some 5-star luxury, the gaping holes were good for catching the sea breeze during the balmy nights.... Most buildings in Beirut are pocked from the long civil war of the 70s and 80s but there's surprisingly scarce evidence of the recent conflict unless you venture into the Hezbollah-dominated suburbs in the southside; if you'd been hibernating you'd never know that Israel and Hezbollah had had a right square go. There are loadsa UN troops kicking about though, choppers regularly flying by and destroyers ruining the fishing for the locals..... Contrary to the war-ravaged images propagated by STV et al, Beirut was trendy and cosmopolitan - we even sank a few Sex-and-the-City style - and you didn't need ... read more
Big fish
Two skinny cappucinos please.....
Pigeon rocks

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul October 27th 2006

The mad tour continued...... read more

Middle East » Oman » Musandam Peninsula October 27th 2006

It took me about 2 hours drive from Dubai, UAE to the Musandam, Oman. But it took some time for the custom to process the exit & entry. To exit from the UAE it cost AED 60 and AED 20 enter into Oman, anyhow there is no charges to return back to UAE. I took the afternoon Sea Adventure trip (AED 150). The main activities is to see the Dophin, mountain seeing and snokering. ... read more
Musandam 02
Musandam 03
Musandam 04

Middle East » Turkey October 27th 2006

Abbiamo lasciato la Cappadocia con un gran sorriso sulle labbra e sul cuore ma con tanta voglia di rimetterci in cammino. Puntiamo ad Est, sempre piu' ad Oriente fino a raggiungere il luogo dove sorge (il nostro) Sole... La prima citta' che raggiungiamo con un bus notturno é: ŞANLIURFA (anche nota come URFA) Arriviamo che é mattino presto verso le 7.30 L'otogar, la stazione degli autubus, é ancora molto calma. Come accade di solito dopo i tragitti notturni nei bus, per quanto effettuati su dei mega-confortevoli autobus della Mercedes molto moderni e con servizio a bordo (pensa...) facciamocelo a dire: un po'... rincoglioniscono !!! Quindi tutti intorpiditi ci mettiamo a fare colazione in un piccolo bar della stazione a base dell'ONNIPRESENTE çay e di deliziosi biscottini. Il Sole é caldo ed in generale le temperature sono ... read more
Produzione di pane
Fra i giardini sacri di Urfa
All'uscita della grotta dove nacque Abramo...

Middle East » Syria » South » Damascus October 25th 2006

Public health is soooo last year, smoking is the new thing on everyone's lips - though a strawberry nargileh beats Big n Hairys every time......d'you think there'd be a demand for this in Maryhill?? Perhaps not..... We bumped into this magnificent blue-eyed boy adorning a keyboard in a Sony shop in Hama, the owner had just closed for the evening but after much window banging he finally relented and afforded us some quality time with 'Nice' - not the most catchy of names but nevertheless a rather appropriate moniker for such a fine specimen - without doubt one of the highlights of the trip thus far! Crusader castles are dotted all across the western part of Syria and Krak des Chevaliers is the most complete remnant from those bloody days of conquest and pillage; TE Lawrence ... read more
Our blue-eyed boy
Krak des Chevaliers
The punto days are long gone....

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman October 25th 2006

Hey All / Any that log into this.... Just back from a really thrilling holiday in Jordan (Yes I know, most people think im on a holiday in kuwait, but i get more too) Some of the highlights included: - Going on a camel ride as the sunrose at 5.30AM. Absolutely stunning - we went into the desert and stayed at a Bedquin camp (Where the locals lives in tents in the desert) - Had a good camp fire etc before - like my old scout days ) - Visting Roman ruins at Jesrah (North of Amman) - most impressive - got almost involved with their Roman drama/play and were killed by a Gladiator!! - Climbing Mt Nobu was wicked, unbelievable views looking down towards Bethlehem, Jerusalam, Jerricho etc... That was where Moses first stood and ... read more
Camels can be sore
Savage Death

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia October 23rd 2006

Prima di tutto un abbraccio a tutti gli amichetti, genitori, fratelli (stupidi and original one) e sorellina che ci seguono e ci sostengono con i loro commenti :)! Non sapete che piacere e che ridere nel leggere i vostri messaggi! A Titto un pensiero speciale visto che il conto alla rovescia segna un bel - 5 al fatidico giorno del matrimonio!!!! E un abbraccio con tanti auguri di buon compleanno al "Terzo Uomo" ! E ora veniamo a noi: a malincuore ma anche con gran voglia di proseguire il lungo percorso, abbiamo lasciato una meravigliosa e finalmente soleggiata Istanbul. Con gli zaini in spalla andando verso la stazione degli autobus, centinaia di persone accampate sotto la moschea Blu e nei giardini circostanti, consumavano la loro cena al tramonto (come di regola per il Ramadan che termina ... read more
Arrivati a Goreme!!!
La nostra guest house

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa October 23rd 2006

Hi! I'm writing to you from my new apartment in Tel Aviv! We moved in a week ago, and I have to say that the apartment is great. It is in the absolute center of Tel Aviv, 5 minutes to the beach, the main shopping areas, all the buses, and plenty of cafes, restaurants, bars and grocery stores all within short walking distances. The kitchen and living room were just restored, so all the kitchen is brand new and theres a couch and tv and even a dvd player! It is really great. I"m sharing a room with the other american girl in my group, Erica, who I also happen to be working with (we spend lots of time together because of these 2 things). So, everyone has been asking me, what about work?! Well, here's ... read more
the view of Haifa from the hotel
more cousins!

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