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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul July 29th 2007

We arrived safely in Istanbul (though just barely- one of our 3 flights was overbooked and they had given our seats away!) and were warmly welcomed into the Robles home. It was so good to reunite with familiar faces in such an unfamiliar country. They live on the Asia side of the Bosphoros and the airport is on the Europe side, so it meant a great taxi ride over the Bosphoros bridge, all lit up, allowing us to see the city and mosques by night- it was breathtaking. There is so much that fascinates about Istanbul- it's hard to know what to write. We have been so grateful to have such gracious and devoted hosts as Jen and Armando (and Josh)- they have toured us around and allowed us to have incredibly memorable and enjoyable days. ... read more
Dad and Josh
with the Robles, overlooking the Bosphorus

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Fethiye July 28th 2007

It is hard to put into words what we have just experienced in the last six days in Turkey. We took the fast ferry (supposed to be 45 minutes and turned into almost 2 hours) from Rhodes to Marmaris but that is Turkey time. Trevor has extremely fond memories of Turkey and from minute one, it lived up to its billing (after conferring with Marla, that should be reputation, not billing). Well, almost from minute one - that is after we re-mortgaged the house to actually enter the country. If one is coming to Turkey, be prepared to pay for the experience. We paid 125 Euros for the ferry ($190 Can.), but then there was a port tax to leave Greece (another $100 Euros for the family - $150 Can.). We bit the bullet and felt ... read more
Carpet Store for tea
Gulet Adventure
Sun and Sea

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa July 28th 2007

Today, I joined my Uncle Robert in the ranks of "participating in extreme sports that may or may not send my mother to an early grave." I went skydiving. And...I LOVED it. Now, I have to start this out by saying that skydiving has never really been on my list of "101 things to do before I die." My general theory has always been "Why would I ever voluntarily jump out of a perfectly good airplane?" It seemed to be tempting fate...laughing in the face of whatever physics god keeps planes in the air, with me safely in them. However, when the opportunity presented itself...well, I have never been one to say no to an extreme sport (except bungee jumping. I put my foot down on that one). My father's friend from 1st grade, and ... read more
The fitting
The Airplane

Middle East » Iran » North » Kashan July 28th 2007

Kashan, 3 ore di bus a Sud di Tehran, e' proprio quello che mi aspettavo dalla Persia: una citta' dal ritmo lento, segnato dal movimento del sole, che si ferma completamente nelle ore piu' calde della giornata per poi riprendere cautamente a vivere solo verso sera con l'oscurita', quando la temperatura ritorna a livelli accettabili. Scelgo come rifugio pomeridiano una camera alla Golestan guesthouse, non proprio economicissima ma accogliente e ben attrezzata: ho perfino un tavolo ed una sedia, gran lusso di questi tempi, e poi un frigo in comune che riempio subito con provviste per almeno una settimana. Passo cosi' i primi 3 giorni ad oziare, scrivere, mangiare meloni e guardare la vita del paese scorrere lentamente nella piazza sottostante. Ma la citta' offre molto di interessante, a partire dalla parte piu' antica che e' ... read more
Kashan: il colorato bazar
Kashan: Le mura e la ghiacciaia
Kashan: una delle case storiche

Middle East » Bahrain » Manama July 27th 2007

Bahrain Out of all my travelblog entries the Bahraini experience is so far my only business trip, therefore it couldn’t be as fun and enjoyable as my holidays’ travelling. Nevertheless I feel impelled to write some notes about this distinctive Kingdom. If you are travelling to the Middle East during the summer months except the worst in terms of heat. The first thing you will notice upon your arrival is the hot/humid weather combination! I honestly thought that coming from a hot and humid country myself, I would not suffer too much under temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius, but it was much worse than what I expected. On my first day, temperatures reached 52 degrees Celsius which is something that I never thought would be possible. It was humanly impossible for me to stay outside an ... read more
Bahraini Architecture
Sad and empty streets
Dry, dry, dry

Middle East » Jordan July 27th 2007

Last day in Delhi was nice. I rented myself a car for a few hours (ok, a taxi, to drive me to posh district where the embassies are) - 350Rs, however, my lunch in this posh safe-haven can be expensive... but hey, still cheap... Flight towards Jordan was in early hours, so no partying and big farewelling from Delhi. Don't know why the flight has to leave so early, but i got to get up at 2:30 am. As Delhi was still sleaping, the airport was like a huge ant town, bustling with activity... First impression of Jordan... VERY HOT and this is different heat to the one in India, as it is also very dry. Maybe thats why, its easier to survive here with the heat of 40C+. As the flight to Europe is only ... read more
Dead sea
Dead sea swimming

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra July 26th 2007

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Al-Khazneh 4
Sunset over Petra 4
Me at the High Place of Sacifice

Middle East » Iran July 26th 2007

When I visited the tomb of the famous Persian poet Hafez, he was a complete stranger to me. Although I'd read some of his poetry, I could not comprehend the all-time rock star status he seemed to hold amongst Iranians. This garden complex in Shiraz was where I saw XXX-rated scandals: young couples holding hands, kissing cheeks and laughing in unsegregated groups holding their anthologies of Hafez's poetry. What was this place? What was the power this 13th century poet held even in this present modern world? It was far beyond imaginable thinking of current college friends sitting together reading poetry with such enthusiasm. The Iranian vision I witnessed looked like a replay of the Beatnik era decades ago. I asked my guide (and later friend) Seyyed. Why are people so emotional here, not giving ... read more
Hafez's tomb
Harim Khan citadel, Shiraz
Eram Gardens, Shiraz

Middle East July 26th 2007

The days glide by now that I've settled into a routine. This has a tendency to make the days kind of run together. Anyway, I spent quite a bit of time at the Amarnehs this past weekend. I returned to their home on Sunday to meet with Abu-Akram. I'm trying to help him with a problem he will likely have with accessing his land once the Separation Barrier is constructed. His land in Al-Khader, a few towns away will be other side of the Separation Barrier, so I am investigating ways for him to continue to access it once the wall is completed. I've been to the land before, and it is truly a beautiful site. It is on two sides of a valley, terraced with rock walls (he built by hand) and is filled with ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman July 25th 2007

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Me covered in Dead Sea Mud 2
Downtown Amman
Dead Sea - Israel on the other side

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