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Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa May 18th 2007

well i'm still in israel so i'm not really sure what i should write about so i'll try to include some background about me and my trip, and some updates about what's going on recently. first, a more detailed itinerary of my trip: 13/06/07 - arriving to camp kutz, a summer camp of the jewish reform movement (a teen leadership camp), in warwick, NY. i'm gonna stay there until 13/08/07, being a security guard (i'll have a little time off during that time so i'll probably be a little in NYC too). then, my plans were to be in the NYC-boston area for about a month and then to tour the east coast until florida, but then my parents decided that they're gonna join me for about 3 weeks during this time, and since they don't ... read more

Middle East » Lebanon » Beirut May 18th 2007

I have been in Beyrouth for a couple of days now, and I think I fell in love with it. It has a little something that Syria, or Turkey didn't have, the immense opening to the outside world, to Europe, to becoming after all the tragedies, war, terror and destroys, once again and for all the party capital of the Middle East. and it is quite succeeding into becoming one. The first impression I had was to feel back in Tel Aviv, in Israel. Not that both antagonists cities look the same, but it's the vibrant vibe I found in here, the funkiness of beiroutis people who managed to put up hot clubs in former part of Beyrouth that had seen enough of shattered blood during the civil war, the real buzz in the city, that ... read more
Such a horrid and sad contrast
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Middle East » Syria » South » Damascus May 18th 2007

Maybe Damascus Middle East » Syria » Damascus By ana_be_good May 18th 2007 Ana Wow! is all I can say about Damascus. I love it here. My mind is already scheming on how I could come back to love here for a little bit. Apparently there are english schools here that I can work at. Is this it then? Am I meant to come live in Syria for a few months? This place is just so...kewl, for the lack of a better word. Been hanging out with too many Kiwis on this trip. These people spell awesome with a capital O. People here are just so nice. Apart from being stared at and Paula getting her ass grabbed, I had the best day. We wandered around town with a ... read more

Middle East » Israel May 17th 2007

Last night Yos took us to see the new Refet (loose translation - dairy farm?). It was pretty amazing. Everything was completely automated, everything from milk measurements, to tracking cows, to showering - I saw a segment once on this system on How It's Made, and it looked like it was the same thing. An Israeli invention, naturally. My head was spinning last night though, I definitely picked something up in Turkey, and my stomach is not going to forgive me at least for another 2 days or so. Yet another unproductive day.... read more

Middle East » Syria » North » Aleppo May 17th 2007

If Damascus is the progressive capital of the country, Aleppo is its conservative heart. It doesn’t take too much time on the city’s streets to realize that the hair is a bit more covered, the shirts a bit less snug, the beards a bit more robust than their southern counterparts. After the pleasant jolt I received in Damascus - a jolt not un-related to certain hormonal proddings - Aleppo has settled itself comfortably into the realm of what’s expected. Wandering the souqs and clucking my tongue at the eager touts - a habit I’ve picked up from the natives - I start to suspect that Saladin himself couldn’t feel more at home in the Arab world. In the morning I wake up to a short, thick cup of sweet Turkish coffee; in the afternoon I ... read more
Couple on motorcycle, Aleppo
Clock tower, Aleppo
Souqs, Aleppo

Middle East » Israel May 16th 2007

Well it was bound to happen eventually over the course of the trip, and I'm glad it's now rather than later. I'm sick :( I think it was food poisoning from something I ate in Turkey - I've had food poisoning once before and this feels strikingly similar - classic flu-like symptoms on day 1, headache, dizziness, & upset stomach on day 2. If I'm right, I should be almost fine by day 3 and I can get back to enjoying this trip. Fingers crossed - I don't want my poor timing to ruin the trip for Noah and Josh. Today I slept in while Cecie & Yos, Ron & Debbie, and Noah and Josh are going for a day trip. I think they are visiting Haifa and Caesarea, but I could be wrong. I don't ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai May 16th 2007

I have today had my first ever car crash. Luckily I was not driving. We were in a large, black (not sure what the color has to do with it but I am a girl and the only thing we really notice on cars is the color) Mercedes 4x4. We were being driven by a Iraqi/German guy who is one of the senior project managers on my project. He also happens to be one of the worst drivers I have ever met. This guy doesn't stay in his lane, hardly ever watches the road, drives rather fast and today drove right into the back of a car that was stopped in front of us. The only other time I have driven with him we only just missed having a large crash and the other car involved ... read more
How to dig a trench

Middle East » Iraq May 16th 2007

Well, here is the first sand storm since I've made my return here. It was pretty thick, but not as thick as I saw last time I was here. I'm sure there will be plenty more time for some more of these to come on down! It seems almost as if you are standing in a sci-fi movie, on some distant planet. It seems incredible that people have lived through these for thousands of years and never once complained about it. Well, I'm sure some have, just like the English complain about their rain. Check out the oics, that's me!... read more
You can barely see beyond me.

Middle East » Bahrain May 16th 2007

Down the causeway to Saudi Arabia Middle East » Bahrain By rickmoore May 16th 2007 David Moore Bahrain is an archipelago of some 36 islands with a good efficient airport where women can actually drive (and show their hair) just a few km across the causeway from Saudi Arabia. But like Saudi, people come from all over the world to work. Saudis come here as well - but to shop and party - making the causeway very busy on the weekends. We went on a side trip across the causeway to the Saudi Arabian town of Nai'riyah - lots of sand, and desert. I am always surprised with the amount of life out there - from snakes and scorpions and assorted insects to camels camels and more camels. I am going to be rich beca... read more
The Island
Gotta have a camel picture

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul May 16th 2007

GÜN 1 Günlerden Çarşamba: Biliyorum böyle seyahat olmaz ama yaptık bir kere.... Geçenlerde Ayşe ile oturuyoruz. Bu yıl bizim 25 .Evlenme yılımız. Ne yapalım diye düşünürken konulu "temalı" bir seyahat yapalım diye aklımdan geçti. Ayşe ile paylaştım. Çok uygun düştü. Aniden "Şarap yolu" yapmağa karar verdik. Şarap hakkında ki birikimim ortalamanın altındadır muhakkak. Benim neslim Rakı çocuğudur. Şarap ı "çok iyi oluyormuş" diye izlersin. Nasıl gidelim ? diye bir bakındık. Bir kere Fransız şarap yolunun Alsace'ta olduğunu öğrendik. Buraya ya Strasbourg üzerinden ya da Stuttgart üzerinden gidebileceğimizi anladık. Acilen biletlere baktık Pegasus bize gidiş 44 E, dönüş 77 E toplam 121X2=242 E ... read more

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