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Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Aphrodisias March 11th 2007

11. mars Ünye-Karsiköy På søndag var det grått oppholdsvær og medvind. Formiddagsetappen førte oss tıl Çarşamba i ganske godt tempo på god vei. Underveis passerte vi flere av områdets typiske hasselplantasjer (nøtter og kirsebær er blant de viktigste jordbruksproduktene herfra). Både hassel, gullbusk og enkelte modige kirsebærtrær blomstrer allerede, halvannen måned før artsfrendene hjemme. Etter en temmelig god kebab (hei til Pondus!) snudde vi ryggen mot Svartehavet og fulgte et regulert vassdrag innover i landet. Veien ble merkbart dårligere vedlikeholdt og mindre sykkelbar. En kjapp stopp i Ayvacik for å fylle vannlagrene ble litt mindre kjapp enn planlagt, siden vi ble vennlig beordret innendørs for å drikke te og varme oss på en sinnrik varmluftsvedovn som hevet inneklimaet til badstulignende forhold. Veien videre mot Amasya, som vi hå... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul March 11th 2007

I am running out of time on the computer but quick skeleton of Sunday and I will fill in later... woke up and got to Topkapi palace as it opened and toured the palace and the harem quarters which was very interesting then Aya Sophia the church which was so amazing.... then we caught the bus to our bosphorous cruise where we went to Asia and Europe in one boat ride! Then at night wewent to see the Whirling Dervishes which was so beautiful! I can't wait for you all to see my photos! The craziest part of the trip was that this evening after the show we were walking back to our hotel and in front of the Blue Mosque I ran into my friends Benjamin and Trea from Seattle who have been traveling for ... read more

Middle East » Syria » West » Latakia March 10th 2007

I have had an eventful 24 hours. Yesterday morning, I visited Sallahdin's castle, a 12th century structure built on a dramatic cliff. It was quite impressive and inspiring. I felt like a child wandering through the dark stone hallways to the towers overlooking the surrounding valley, which was something reminiscent of Tuscany. To get to the castle I hiked about 4 miles round trip. It was good fun to get out into the wilderness a bit, because most places I'll be visiting are urban. The big news I received yesterday was that it would be difficult for the Peace Corps to accept me based on the issues I had with my knee last year. Due to the chronic nature of the injury, the nurse told me it would be difficult for them to place me in ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Ankara March 10th 2007

Hi Everybody! I apologize for an error in my last blog. We visited the home of the Virgin Mary and the Basilica of St. John the Apostle. We have not had internet access for days. We have stayed on several occasions in hotels that were on the outskirts of towns. We also have been very busy! We have seen many ruins both Greek and Roman. A few have been reconstructed using the ancient materials. They were impressive = especially at Ephesus. I have to admit that they are not my thing! I enjoy seeing the geological formations and just the land more. I loved going to the Cappadocia region. The landscape is very unusual there. Thirty million years ago, volcanoes covered this region with ash. The ash solidified into a substance called tuff, a material that ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem March 10th 2007

Purim is a jewish feast which is celebrated in March. This year it fell on march 4th. It celebrates the victory and existence of the Jewish people despite the evil plottings of Haman, in the book of Esther in the Bible. It is tradition for the people to dress up and then they read the story of Esther. You boo for whenever the name Haman is read and cheer for Esther. We did this on saturday the 4th, and everyone dressed up. I have some pictures attached of some of the costumes people had. The real fun however was in Jerusalem. Purim is the one night that the Jewish people are not only allowed to be drunk, but actually commanded to be drunk. They are commanded to be so drunk that they cannot tell the difference ... read more
the Profs?
Mary and Martha
Gypsy, Rabbi, dead guy and Jesus' friends

Middle East » Yemen March 10th 2007

Yeah man - we’ve been in Yemen! Last Christmas and New Year dad brought us with him to Yemen. “Yemen” sounds like “Yeah man” so we first thought he was joking with us. But there is actually a country called Yemen. We think it’s a strange name for a country. But we are glad they didn’t call it “Shit man”. That would have been even more strange. To go to Yemen we had to go via Istanbul. We had one day in Istanbul and there we had a look at the central town. It was a very nice place but right then a little too cold. We don't like cold. We have too little clothes/fur on us. We prefer visiting warmer places. But we decided that we will have to go back there some other day. ... read more
Hagia Sophya
Old town in Sana'a
Houses in Sana'a

Middle East » Qatar » Doha March 10th 2007

Qatar?...donde diablos queda Qatar? Qatar es uno de los paises mas pequenos de medio oriente al lado derecho de Arabia Saudita, es un pais muy rico por el petroleo y por gas natural al igual que por ser sede de la cadena noticiosa Al-Jazeera. Cuenta con 4 millones de habitantes, pero mas de la mitad son immigrantes de India y Filipinas que vienen a hacer los trabajos de construccion de los grandes edificios y hoteles que estan construyendo. PRIMERA IMPRESION Me fue muy comico llegar al aeropuerto y ver a todos estos senores vestidos de blanco con sus tunicas y sus grandes barbas, todos se parecian a Baldor, el monito que sale en la portada de los libros de Algebra, pero todos muy serios, no sonrien. Tambien, lo que no me parecio tan comico, fue en ... read more
Cuidado Petroleo
Bahia con Arabe
Burro con Arabe

Middle East » Turkey March 10th 2007

10. mars, hviledag i Ünye. İkke helt uventet falt himmelen i hodene våre klokka 0450 neste morgen. Fra minareten utenfor vinduet gjallet det full Allah-rm over den lett overstyrte høyttaleren. Utover det var det lite tegn til liv, så turistene lot morgenbønn være morgenbønn og slumret videre. Et besøk hos frisøren i Tyrkia kan lett utarte. Mens herrefrisøren Petros på Torshov freser kjapt over hodet akkompagnert av litt generell smalltalk om bydelen før og nå, er servicen en helt annen i Ünye. Svein satte seg ned i stolen i den dertil egnet kuaför-salong ved torget for å foreta en forlengst overmoden innhøsting. Frisøren satte da i gang under dyp konsentrasjon og begynte med å stusse nakke og ører med barbermaskin, før han fulgte opp med saks og til sist kniv. Deretter fulgte totalrengjørıng av hodebunnen i ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul March 10th 2007

After synagogue we walked more around Taksim the "time square" of Istanbul where we shopped and snacked and then saw a big protest outside what was apparently a famous school. I have photos of a couple of hundred police lined up in full riot gear for what appeared to be a very small and rather tame riot (perhaps we left before it got exciting?!?) we then cuaght a cab back to the hotel and walked to the Basilica Cistern which was mind boggeling and stunning and then walked to the The Grand Bazaar which was about a 30 min. walk from our hotel and was as we expected, grand. It was booth after booth of clothing, tchokes, spices,candies, and hookahs. We bargained a little and bought some small things and I was eyeing some beautiful bedspread ... read more
The Neve ShalomSynagogue
Police in Riot gear
Pretty tame looking protesters

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul March 10th 2007

well im here in istanbul, my final destination in europe before i fly for my holiday in Asia. Turkey is quite an incredible place. Ive probably said that about every palce ive been, but it is nothing like i expected. Parts of Turkey are as modern as anyplace ive been, incuding the United States. Both Izmir and here in istanbul are just totally modern. If u are wanting to find the old turkey you have to head to the Eastern part ive been told, because everything you would find in an Aust city is here. Plus all the history that goes with being here. I went to gallipoli the other day. it was very moving to be there. ANZAC cove where they all landed is so small and facing just rugged cliffs. The whole beach would ... read more

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