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Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia July 7th 2007

Dopo una notte insonne trascorsa su e giu' da un lussuoso bus turco, mi ritrovo immerso nel paesaggio surreale di questa regione situata nel cuore dell'Anatolia: improvvisamemnte la monotonia dell'altopiano viene interrotta da un susseguirsi di profonde vallate, alcune delle quali simili a dei veri e propri canyon da far-west, mentre altre, piu' indescrivibili, rassomiglianti a distese gommose di dune bianche, oppure a fitte foreste di grossi funghi rocciosi alti come palazzi. Surreale e' la parola appropriata, la verita' e' che questi luoghi sono stati abitati per millenni e tuttora possono rappresentare la migliore soluzione abitativa; prova ne e' il fatto che mi ritrovo dormire in una grotta scavata nella roccia e mi ci ritrovo davvero comodo: fuori, un sole cocente in un cielo sgombro di nuvole porta la temperatura a superare abbondantemente i 30 gradi, ... read more
Goreme: Camera in una grotta
Cappadocia: Valle dei Piccioni
Cappadocia: A mio rischio e pericolo

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai July 7th 2007

Dubai parece una ciudad sacada de otro planeta, cuando llegue al aeropuerto me parecio como si estuviera en la pelicula futurista EL QUINTO ELEMENTO, un aeropuerto ultra-moderno con una capacidad de aviones y pasajeros impresionante. Hay muchas palabras mas que describen Dubai en mi mente.... 42 grados celcius, cientos de edificios en construccion, coches de lujo por todos lados, punto de encuentro entre la cultura arabe y occidental, paraiso fiscal (nadie paga impuestos), cero crimen, playas de arena blanca como talco y mucho petroleo. BURJ AL ARAB (HOTEL con forma de VELERO) Se que muchos se estaran preguntando que onda con este hotel, ya que se ha convertido en un icono alrededor del mundo. Pues dejen les platico un poco mas, es el unico hotel que posee 7 estrellas (no se como le hicieron para lograr ... read more
Esquiando dentro del Emirates Mall
Moda Arabe
Burj al Arab

Middle East July 7th 2007

Bus rides are never fun. And those that stretch on through the night or any extended period of time are simply miserable. Yesterday afternoon, I made a split-second decision to head back to Jerusalem. The reason for the urgency was the approaching Shabbat. This is the Jewish holiday that stretches between Friday @ 4pm to Saturday evening. So I pulled myself together, and sat on the bus for 8 hours to the Taba border crossing. Now I've done this route before, but I suppose I forgot how long and excruciating the buses were. After waiting a few hours at the border, I passed through, then made my way to Eilat (via bus), then from there caught another bus to Jerusalem. It's been a long 20 hours, but I am excited to be back in this incredible ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Selçuk July 7th 2007

Boat trip  Middle East » Turkey » Selcuk By billclayton July 7th 2007 Bill Clayton Our day trip cruise went around from cove to cove, accompanied by other similar boats. None of the boats were very crowded; and it was a nice hot day; perfect for laying on the deck in the sun. Swimmers could jump off the boat, take the slide down, or climb into the water, depending on their own level of desire for excitement. There were also boats willing to take you for a bouncy ride on a big inner tube and a more tame version with 3 people side by side towed around. The slide was a kick; first you drop straight down about 6 feet, then you shoot the length of... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Gallipoli July 7th 2007

Apparently the ancient site of Troy is somewhat of an enigma. Thought by many to be a nonexistant city, only a product of Homeric poetry, it was finally re-discovered and excavated by German archeologist Heinrich Schliemann in the 1870's. subsequent activities have restored part of the walls, etc.; and now there is a giant "replica" of a hollow wooden horse for tourists to climb in and be photographed. Then we are on to Gallipoli, where Britain attempted in 1915, for 270 or so days, to overwhelm the Turkish army which was supported by Germany. This unsuccessful effort involved maybe a millon or so troops and resulted in a huge number of deaths and injury on both sides. but apparently both armies developed a respect for each other that has endured. This is a huge site, ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea July 7th 2007

Hey, So I must apoligize for my lack of contact... internet has been very difficult to get my hands on and the time to use it even more so. Yesterday we played tourist and spent the day at the Dead Sea. It was incredible! The sensation is unlike anything else. We first arrived at this semi-resort that is frequented by tourists but mostly Middle Eastern tourists. It had a couple swimming pools and a private section of beach and showers... stuff we didn't need but it made it all easier. I think the place was named (oh so original!) "The Dead Sea Spa." After establishing ourselves on a couple chairs we headed down to the beach. The sand was incredibly hot and those few who forgot sandels had fried feet by the end of it. ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai July 6th 2007

So the Burj is booked solid today and tmrw..I was going to go for afternoon tea...they serve till 7pm..but sleeping in till 2pm didnt'help my booking request. They had one reservation at 8pm for the çhocholate fountain, however, that is too close to our departure time for India. I am very lucky to have access to the net at my fintger tips..Honerine's family here is wonderful. Auntie Diane has a daughter here in her mid twenties, so there is tons of product, cell phones, and a lap top at any time of the day. Oh well, I wanted to see the world's only 7 star Hotel, however they are bulinding another one in Abu Dabi, the Emrites Palalce or something..maybe I'll go there one day..apparantly there is tons more money there...crazy this middle east place. My ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai July 6th 2007

Well after our first attempt at this Wadi ended, in a dead end at the border, we figured that we would give it another try. So we gathered up another couple of kiwi couples and headed on out there on Friday morning. This time we were clever and took the Emirates Road up to Ras Al Khaimah instead of trying to fight our way through Sharjah and Ajman (getting lost in the process - see the wadi bashing entry). A smooth hour later ( in comparison to the 2.5 hours of the last attempt) we arrived at the border crossing and were met by the same border guard who turned us away last time. However this time all three cars had their passports and we were waved off (after a quick dash to the border patrols ... read more
Off road we go
Clean Car - Dirty Car

Middle East » Israel » North District » Tiberias July 6th 2007

July 6th-7th, 2007, This was a great weekend. Stav, my friend from Birthright (a free trip/tour of Israel for all those not in-the-know), took me to the Northern part of Israel for a weekend of camping and hiking. I was the American guest of her, her boyfriend, and her friends Dan and Dana. Some other people met us later at night, after our hike. Everyone was really nice, and we all had a good time. We started with a hike in Nachalat Zaki/Zaki River. I wish I could have taken pictures, but for the better part of the hike the water was thigh high. For other parts we had to swim. It was awesome. From there we went to a nearby river where we busted out the shampoo and soap and cleaned ourselves up. After that ... read more
Stav and Itai
Itai Making a Tent

Hey Peeps..I've gotten some emails as to where the pics are..they are around...past journals..or under galleries..I still haven't mastered how to do this..if you find them, look around, please email to let me know that they came through! thanks dudes! ciao for now... read more

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