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Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Riyadh December 6th 2014

In urma cu doua saptamani am facut o vizita in Al Jouf, o provincie aproape de granita cu Iordania. La ora 4 dimineata eram in aeroport, si la 7,30 dimineata am aterizat in Al Jouf. "Intr-o lume unde culturile se schimba datorita revolutiei din technologie, pentru a-ti descoperi originea trebuie sa calatoresti in trecut" - spunea ghidul turistic primit la intrarea in hotel. Intr-adevar, Al Jouf iti ofera o astfel de calatorie in trecut. Unele locuri vizitate sunt din perioada paleolitica, iar favoritul meu a fost Al Rajajil, o mostenire misterioasa a unui popor antic necunoscut. Mai multe grupuri de pilari din piatra, asezate intr-o oarecare forma circulara, m-au incarcat de o energie misterioasa. Mi-am facut si eu pentru prima data un selfie, rezemata de un astfel de pilar, vechi ca si sufletul meu. Castelul Qasr ... read more
hotel Al Nusl - o piatra antica
hotel sala de primire
in interiorul unui serai (tot hotelul)

Middle East » Israel » North District » Tiberias December 5th 2014

With three mysteries down and sixteen mysteries yet to see on this pilgrimage, we will need to be covering almost two per day; but, there will be no mysteries today! Sharon reminded me that most will come in Jerusalem. It is nice not needing to repack our suitcases while staying in the Pilgerhaus for three nights. As I’m writing these words at two o’clock in the morning local time, I’m thinking, again with that stupid donkey. It wasn’t the ultra-annoying morning is here bray, but one that doesn’t belong in the middle of a sound sleep. Dennis had noted that he had seen them in the morning up on the hill behind the Pilgerhaus. I thought the image might be good for the blog, but Dennis continued “He had seen someone out there taking a picture ... read more
Our guide Father David
Boat on the sea of Gallilee
Dennis, Erin, and John on the boat

Middle East » Saudi Arabia » Khobar December 5th 2014

So it's been two weeks since my last post and rather than write about my day to day life (that's what twitter is for), I figured I'd wait until I had something worth sharing. Last week it rained a considerable amount. but not more than I'm used to in the states, especially after living most of my life in Pittsburgh. However, Saudi isn't quite prepared for rain like the US is so it caused excessively large puddles, leaked into my classroom which is on a decently high point on campus, and forced me to take my class/show on the road to the elementary school classrooms for which I had music that day. There was talk that school might be shut down since it's very difficult to travel in the rain as it has no place to ... read more
Saudi Money
View from my balcony

Middle East » Israel » North District » Tiberias December 4th 2014

It was just after midnight when I awoke, very much awake, and rose and spent about three hours writing the blog from our first full day in the Holy Land. I had slept quite soundly, and after finishing the blog, continued with some sound sleep, anticipating another 6 AM wakeup call that had been placed for our group. We’d missed the excitement of one of our fellow travelers who had managed to get locked in the bathroom late during the night and needed to summon help by pounding on the wall. I’m thinking that this being a pilgrim is pretty rough stuff. At about a quarter to six I awoke again from a sound sleep and asked myself, is that really a jack ass braying at dawn? They have a wakeup donkey here in the Holy ... read more

Middle East » Israel » North District » Tiberias December 4th 2014

Here are some more photos from the day we visited Cana and Nazareth.... read more
Church in Cana
Couples Walking in for our Vow Renewal
Priests walking in for Vowel Renewal

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District »  Caesaria December 3rd 2014

We received our courtesy wake-up call promptly at 6 AM by the diligent front desk; but, only after my courtesy wake-up alarm for 5 AM racquetball awoke both of us much before we were ready. It might have seemed odd for my phone to be chiming in so early; except, Sharon had suggested that I set a backup in case we didn’t get our courtesy wake-up. I’m way ahead of you, I've already disabled my MWF alarm for the remainder of the trip. I mumbled something to Sharon about “Are we supposed to have our bags out in the hall by six?” knowing full well that we had just an hour to do so. She replied “seven” just as she was turning on the water to the shower. I at least realized what happened before she ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District »  Caesaria December 3rd 2014

Here are some photos from the day we visited Caesarea, Grotto of the Annunciation, Stella Mares, and Mount Tabor since the internet when we wrote the blog entry wasn't supporting the upload of photos.... read more

Middle East » Israel » Center District » Netanya December 1st 2014

Sharon wasn’t happy when my cell phone alarm woke us at 5 am instead of the 6 am she’d planned, as it does every Monday morning for my MWF racquetball, it’s just today I’m not playing racquetball. We actually have quite a bit left to do before our planned departure at 8:30 AM. Bags to load into the car, items in the fridge likely to spoil while we’re away to discard, garbage to port to the curb for Tuesday morning pickup left in garbage bags since nobody will be around to secure the dump cans after pickup, lunches to make from our leftover Der Dutchman Amish turkey. It looks to be a fine day to drive to Chicago, to start our 24-hour + journey to the Holy Land. We have a 10:30 AM mass at St. ... read more
Living room area of our room

Middle East » Turkey November 30th 2014

Well, we are waiting for our plane to Addis and decided to go ahead and post a blog from Istanbul. We had a very enjoyable 3 days as a stopover on Turkish Airlines, which is an excellent airlines! Wined and dined on our flight from Boston. Arrived late Sunday afternoon. On our drive into the city from the airport, we noticed a police presence at every intersection. Then noticed nfic going to the airport, on the opposite side. Then our traffic completely stopped. Thinking there must be a major traffic jam, only to see a motorcade of at least 40-50 cars, most of them police cars. The driver looks at us and says "The Pope", headed back to the airport from his 3 day tour of Istanbul. As we watched the motorcade go by, I honestly ... read more
Hagia Sophia
Our morning view at Breakfast

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul November 28th 2014

Turkey’s cultural capital, the city of Istanbul, has a rich cultural heritage. This is evident throughout the city which is home to the grandest and largest bazaars, mosques and museums of Turkey. One of the major landmarks of the city is the Sultan Ahmed Mosqueand no trip to Istanbul would be complete without a visit to this grand mosque. Situated in the center of Old Istanbul, Sultan Ahmed Mosque is one of the most impressive mosques in Istanbul, which means a lot, given that there are hundreds of mosques in all of Istanbul. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is not only a place of worship in Istanbul, but a cultural, historic and architectural icon. It is an architectural masterpiece featuring one large dome and eight smaller domes as well as six minarets. It is popularly known as ... read more

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