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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 27th 2019

Today, we have a booking for lunch on board the QE2. Last time we were in Dubai they were still renovating it, so it will be nice to see what they have done. This is another buy one get one free deal from The Entertainer. Looking at the suggested route, it does not look straightforward to get there, but we persevered. This was prudent. We got the metro to the other side of the creek to the main bus station. Here we stopped in a local café. Two coffees cost us £1. Then, we got on a bus which drove straight past the QE2 and just kept going. The first bus stop was a long way further on. The walk back to the ship was about a mile through the port, but it gave us a ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 26th 2019

In Dubai the weekend is Friday and Saturday. The traditional thing to do on Friday is a Brunch. You can not go to Dubai without doing one. An excellent opportunity to embrace the various cultures. Today's brunch is at the Crowne Plaza in Deira in their restaurant called Spice Island. The first ever brunch we had in Dubai was here, so we know it is good. We had a lazy morning and got to the hotel about 11.30am for the meal to start at 12.00. This gave us a chance to get in photographs of all the food before anyone touched it. During this time, we also got to speak to many of the managers and entertainers that were wandering around. These brunches are a great opportunities to witness other cultures. People from all around the ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 25th 2019

As a rule, we would not fly on flights that arrive in the early hours of the morning, but there was little option this time. We booked our first hotel here to start from yesterday, so we could guarantee that we would have somewhere to sleep as soon as we got there. We also told the hotel that we would be very late arriving. We have booked four nights (including last night) at the Landmark Grand Hotel in Deira. It looks to be very central and close to the all important Metro station. We use the Metro a lot to get around. We got to the hotel about 3.00am and they looked to be having a problem booking us in. We think they may not have read the message and thought we were not going to ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 24th 2019

This afternoon we are flying from London Gatwick to Dubai UAE. Due to the unpredictable traffic of the M25, we decided to leave the Beaconsfield hotel at about 7.00am as we had to return the car by 10.00am. We have a lounge booked from 10.00am for three hours so we have somewhere comfortable to relax before the flight. We were really surprised that there was not much traffic on the motorway and we were at the airport about 8.30am. So we returned the car even earlier than expected and made our way over to the Emirates check-in desk. Due to runway works in Dubai, Emirates are not currently running their early morning flight, so the desk was not open. For a month, DXB is using only one runway. Other flights are being diverted into the nearby ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai April 22nd 2019

I am trying something different here by publishing this "Photos Only " blog with just photos in it. I have been unable to save the photos into the blog with text Thanks Jim ... read more
Whole Trip
The trip begins - waiting at the airport at 1am in the morning for a 2:30am flight
Singapore Changi Airport Concourse

Middle East » United Arab Emirates April 22nd 2019

Sunday 21 Apr 19 - Brisbane Testing the system to make sure the blog works on my Netbook computer that I am taking with me. Day of departure. Just about packed and a slow day of waiting ahead until we head to the airport at about 11pm tonight. Our flight departs at 2:35am tomorrow morning bound initially for Singapore and then to Dubai where we will arrive around 1pm tomorrow. The two legs of the flights are around 7.5 hours each and we have a 1.5 hour layover in Singapore. More once we get underway. Mon 22 Apr 19 - Departing Brisbane - 01:00hrs The departure from the unit (11:30pm) and the check in at the airport have gone well. Uber driver was very pleasant - but a lot more expensive coming from Indooroopilly than from ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Abu Dhabi April 21st 2019

It's been a long few months, and I'll go into some of my Saudi Arabia travels in a future blog, but for the moment, I will go into a much needed weekend of fun, rest and friends. Fortunately, at the last minute, our company gave us Sunday off for Easter, so I could justify spending two nights in a nice hotel in Abu Dhabi without having to go to work the next day. This was instigated by a former coworker of mine from Ventura who was coming to put on a workshop this week and I told her I would show her around over the weekend. So, I booked a room at a hotel near to hers that was super nice and resort-y. I was so looking forward to the weekend and even booked a massage ... read more
the Louvre Abu Dhabi
Emirates Palace
Grand Mosque

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul April 20th 2019

下記に日本語ありI was thinking long time about travel to Istanbul. Then finally, I did it. My first time Airbnb. Very nice people, so much hospitality, enjoy communicate to locals, a lot of wonderful experience. And I met YouTubers then I am on it! ずっと行きたかったトルコのイスタンブール旅行!今回は初の民泊 ハウスシェア!トルコ人すご〜く優しくて、しかも おもてなしの心 半端ない。車いすには、優しいバスと地下鉄のシステムがあったり、キツイ歩道や建物など多々あり 色々バリアフリーには 程遠かったり、でも人によってバリアフリー化 。治安も悪くなく、物価安、気候も良くて、人と車は多いけど、この時期観光客のピークじゃないので おススメ!しか... read more

Middle East » Israel » Haifa District » Haifa April 9th 2019

we left haifa, israel yesterday evening and today we are cruising the mediterranean sea on our way to cadiz, spain. i am writing this blog from my cabin and the sea is quite choppy so hopefully i will get through it before feeling the effects of the white caps. we will be 4 days at sea now arriving in cadiz on the 13th. thank you to my arcadia friend vera from vancouver! i knew i could rely on her expertise to know what type of birds they were in my last blog. they are called northern gannets. a very stream lined bird that use their power to plunge dive for fish. i did see a few diving into the sea. after leaving muscat, oman we were 5 days at sea before reaching port suez, the start ... read more
oil rig in red sea
entering suez canal

Middle East » Israel » Center District » Kfar Saba April 8th 2019

What a super experience. Early start and cool air, but eventually things warmed up and being under the flame when a boost was needed really singed the back of the neck. The pilot was doing his first flight as balloon commander, after his fiftieth flight. He was brilliant, took us high and brought low over wheat fields, hot houses and eventually landed where carrots were being harvested. Pilot then produced some goodies including some bubbly. The views were superb, seeing fields, mountains and several fish farms in the Jezreel Valley. By the way the actual location is not exact.... read more

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