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July 14th 2009
Published: July 14th 2009
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Shamrock CafeShamrock CafeShamrock Cafe

Shamrock Cafe over-looking Tabor Valley.
Dear Friends,

Valeri and I and Kyle are leaving tomorrow and will be flying into Amman, Jordan. We will leave Amman and drive and explore into Syria and Lebanon. Then back into Jordan following the Jordan River Valley into the Dead Sea. At the end of the trip we will spend a couple days on the Red Sea in Egypt then drive back to Amman.

We decided this blog would be fun and several of you indicated you would like to be included. If that has changed just delete the notification emails and this prolbem is solved. We are not making the assumption that all or maybe any of you will be as intrigued with this venture as the three of us! If this works you will receive an email that we have made an entry and hopefully with photos.

Depending on access we hope to have muliple entries. However, this part of the world may challenge this plan. Also, if you would like to make comments that option is available and welcomed. Please don't tell us about any tragedy or disaster. Changing our travel plans would take multiple days and create some stress at various port of entires or border crossings. Our family understands this and we will deal with these events when necessary.

So, you may be getting something in a couple of days. (By the way, we have not discovered spell-check with this progam?)




14th July 2009

Bon Voyage
So if K-State gets further mired in financial investigations regarding the Football program, you don't want to hear about it? Traveling mercies to you all. No ground more special than Shamrock Farms but touch the earth in Jordan for me. Look forward to the travel log! DRB
14th July 2009

Have a great trip
Hope you guys have an awesome and safe journey. Is your camel flying commercial with you?
14th July 2009

I can't wait to go on the adventure with all of you! Have a great trip and stay safe! God's Blessings.
14th July 2009

Safe travels my friends and have a great time! Val, I'm dying to know what the women in that part of the world are wearing these days, are they looking anything like my lovely sister-in-law? :) I miss you.
14th July 2009

Have fun
Hi Roy,Vals and Kyle, Hope you guys have a fun adventure and don't bake to death although I doubt it could be much more miserable than these hot humid days here. I bet you will have a problem sending things out though as if I remember right Doris had a tough time sending us emails in her shortened trip. We will still be putting up hay as we have several days of brome and then prairie intersperced with alfalfa. Aren't we lucky:) You and Valerie need to snorkel! Trust me I am as scared of water as anyone can be but with an instructor and life vests and holding on to each other you can do it. It is an experience like nothing you can imagine. Nancy
14th July 2009

Tabor Valley
Have a great trip and we look forward to reading your posts. My son Tabor wants to know where Tabor Valley is located?
14th July 2009

Have a great time...your blogs will be my entertainment so send them often!
16th July 2009

Best wishes!
Best wishes on your travels! It's great to hear from you.

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