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October 19th 2005
Published: October 19th 2005
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I've been getting a lot of questions about why there aren't more blogs.
In a nutshell, I haven't stopped traveling, but I've been to lazy to type up my blog.
I made it through Eritrea, and am now back in the Middle East, studying Arabic in Sana'a.
The blog should be uploaded Real Soon Now.
Thanks for reading.

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Chewing QatChewing Qat
Chewing Qat

Me, a friend, and a strange Afghan guy who "befriended" us (seen in the foreground)... he kept muttering "Dirka dirka Mohammad Jihad"

9th December 2005

Good to hear it.
Looking forward to your next instalment.
13th December 2005

Hi my dear old friend, My begining word were so cliché. Anyway, So I have read some bloggers site a few minutes ago and these remind me how is bedreddein. And I open google link and write these word "bedreddin leo... then your site came to my computer. Meanwhile thanks alot to all computer employee, and computer scientist as you are. It was wonderful to give a hi in a minute by only thouching a few keys Conclusion, I miss you a lot bedreddin I proud of you I think One day you will gain which you have spent these years one day peace came to in middle asia and to all world bye
22nd December 2005

salam aleiküm
You could write more about such a sacred place (although often void of form). Hope to read more soon!
29th December 2005

what happened to the far east?
i was expecting that you will pop up in china or somewhere in the far east. at least remember reading it somewhere. what made you change your mind?
22nd January 2006

I want to read more....
2nd March 2006

i wanna read more, canim..
8th March 2006

are you alive?
woow long time no update..some of us are beginning to wonder if your alive? some of us also want to hear about your adventures..hence...UPDATE!!
3rd April 2006

happy 28th
Happy 28th Birthday!
6th April 2006

shukran jazilan!
thanks a lot for your blog from a bosnian and her husband currently in istanbul. i only wish there were more people like you. Please do not omit the political comments, we need it to counterweigh all the insipid and cowardly garbage that dominates the media. it's a relief to read notes from a "leftist" turk who does not hate the arabs!
6th April 2006

Nerdesin Leo?
25th April 2006

Bakalakadaka Street!
Dirk, bakalak, Mohammad Jihad, a sherpa sherpa sherpa
12th September 2006

Haha, still chewing qat.... I WARNED you in my last comment/mail/whatever rotfl Anyway have a nice time chewing, who knows maybe ill join you some day. oh youre gone? well then i may follow your footsteps... well for the moment i'm more the type to smoke qat in amsterdam, different experience... but oh mush more expensive... god
7th March 2007

Post more pics
I have enjoyed reading your travel journal. I mostly enjoyed reading about Asmara, my former home. It is truly a diamond in the rough. Thank you for your honesty as you discribed your experience.
12th August 2008

arabic amor¿‡„4
ahhh, the arabic world is amazing, i worked in Oman for the first half of this year, and now am missing it immensely being stuck in miserable London. I recommend everyone learn some basic arabic and head to the middle east... even with a simple "salaam alaykum" the locals greet you with smiles, and fantastic hospitality...

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