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May 7th 2010
Published: May 7th 2010
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A View of the Amran CountrysideA View of the Amran CountrysideA View of the Amran Countryside

Some of the incredible scenery you can see not many miles from Sana'a City
From the previous post people will know I loved Yemen and had a great time in Sana'a and then in Aden. Travel was restricted by the government, mainly to protect foreigners from the attentions of the tribal folks who like to kidnap people to pressure the GOY to help them - and for money! So this was pretty frustrating, particularly when you are trying to work in the rural sector.

Eventually we did get permission to go north from Sana'a City (the capital) to Amran City which lies a couple of hours drive north. Amran is rather unsafe because of its proximity to the area where the Houthi rebels are fighting the government and where there are large numbers of displaced person.

But our trip was uneventful and fun. I went with a delightful colleague, Sara Skahill, a young American who is fluent in Arabic. She took these photos that give some idea of the incredible scenery you will find in Yemen if you can get out and about. A trip there is really worthwhile.

Additional photos below
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Castle in YemenCastle in Yemen
Castle in Yemen

En route to Amran City
Displaced PersonsDisplaced Persons
Displaced Persons

This young boy was in a very poorly administered IDP camp in Amran City; note the UNHCR provided tent.

25th October 2010

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