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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai January 18th 2015

Fra Tølløse til Dubai Så sker det sgu... Klokken to sidder jeg i flyet på vej til Dubai for at starte min rejse der vil fører mig gennem en masse fantastiske lande! Jeg har brugt de sidste to uger på at få set familie og venner. Det har været fantastisk at være omgivet af så meget kærlighed og støtte! Det er meget overvældende, men samtidig virkelig skønt at vide, at der er så mange herhjemme der er der for mig, hvis der skulle blive noget! :) Der er nogle stykker der har bedt om min rejseplan, så her er den: 18.-20. Januar - Dubai 20.-31. Januar - Vietnam 31. Januar - 22. Februar - Thailand 23. Februar -14. April - New Zealand 14. April - 04. Juni - Australien 04.-21. Juni - San Francisco og Los ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai January 12th 2015

We have spent a wonderful 3 days and nights in Dubai and it is indeed a wonder to see. The architecture is unbelievable, especially when you consider that not too long ago Dubai was a desert. We did all the touristy things we could cram in while we were there,but decided that we can't keep up the crazy's hard work travelling! Anyway, we started by visiting the indoor ski slope in the Emirates Mall ( it's like a mini winter wonderland) and then headed to the Marina and the end of the Palm where we visited Atlantis, where they have a hotel and a waterpark to die is truely amazing what they have built here! We also visited the Dubai Mall which is next to the Burj Khalifa ( wow what a sight, not ... read more
Atlantis- end of the palm
Jumerah Mosque
Dubai Mall

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai January 7th 2015

3h30 d'attente dans l'immensité de l'aéroport de Dubaï... Puis embarquement dans le plus gros porteur du monde, le fameux A380 qui accueille près de 650 passagers !... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Abu Dhabi January 6th 2015

Here are some random thoughts about our time in Oman and the United Arab Emirates. These reflect our experiences and interpretations. Please realize we are not trying to sum up two entire countries and their cultures in this brief blog based on our one month experience. The men of the countries in the Gulf seem less affectionate with each other in public. We rarely saw two men arm-in-arm or hugging whereas in other Middle Eastern countries this is commonplace. As in all Middle Eastern cultures, affection between a man and woman is never seen in public...ever. The Omani men and Emirati men have a special way of greeting each other when they first see each other or when they congratulate each other, such as after a big camel win. Kyle called it a nose nuzzle. I ... read more
Enjoying Lemon Mint Juice in Oman
Tallest Building in the World
Checking in on Iran

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai January 2nd 2015

Day 2 and keith starts the day in true adventurous tourist style! Kellogs cornflakes! Followed by scrambled egg on toast with beans, I was so tempted to ask if they were Heinz! We spent news day on the beach in temps of 27😅 it seems so unreal, that I can lay and listen to the sea and read my book without having to be on life guard dutyor not reading the same page 3 times and my name being called 4 000 times! At times I really think I have gone deaf. Keith finished the day in true adventurous style, back at the same restaurant having the same thing as the night before. Day 3 Mission AU After a lazy morning we took a trip out to Dubia mall,the largest shopping centre with 1,200 retail outlets ... read more

Sometimes you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Sometimes you act like you know what you are doing and people believe you. Then, sometimes there is just plain ol' good luck. I don't know what twist of fate we were granted, maybe a little bit of all three. Either way, we are not questioning things, just enjoying ourselves! On New Year's Eve, dad and I were up to our usual low-key evening activities of sipping on lemon-mint juice in the bar, people watching, reading the newspaper and uploading photos from the day. The hotel was abuzz because of the festivities planned for the new year. I left the bar to go to the restaurant and was approached by a man I had noticed everyday we had been at the festival. ... read more
Studious Journalist
Book Cover

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai January 1st 2015

Well, last night was quite an adventure. It sure was something to see once in your life but I would say that the after experience, it was worth it. It was a spectacular fireworks display and they sure do know how to impress!! December 31st started with a walk about the old part of town through the Gold Souk and the Spice Souk. I had been to them before but it's always a site to see and wander through. It's amazing how these areas of town still survive after what I saw later in the day. The Spice Souk has an amazing aray of spices from all over the world with a lot that you can't either get at home or they are waaaaaaay too expensive. One store had a very large fish bowl filled with ... read more
Walking through a souk
Lots of color
Class is boring

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Empty Quarter December 31st 2014

To compete in a a beauty pageant in the desert, it is not good enough to just show up with your pretty face or perfect hump. You must bring a little glitz to the show ring if you want to be taken seriously. And the glitz is serious business. Each camel or camel herd brought their own style to the grandstands each day. Much of the bling involved gold or silver foil sparkle and some designs with beading. The accessories were designed to add to the camel's beauty without obstructing the camel's beauty. The fancy finishings were draped over the hump, tied around the neck or placed on the head. And when an entire herd was being judged, the herd all wore matching accessories--like a team uniform of glitter. As with anything involving animals, there were ... read more
Racks of Bling
Finishing Touches
Will Algiers and Siwa Like This?

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai December 31st 2014

Day 1,Well hello, Well they decided I was ok to leave the country,(probably better off out of it than in it!) we had a good flight and have arrived at the hotel and then spent the next 6hrs asleep. We have been for a walk along the creek and had some Arabian food which was very nice. We intend to go to the top of the hotel 14 floors up to watch the fireworks, whether we make it, it's another matter! Assma I'm yet to find the jewellery, but I am on to it! Can I just say thanks for all your messages and calls over the last few days, sorry I haven't replied to them all, we would never of got here! We really have got amazing friends and family thanks xx Seems really strange ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Empty Quarter December 31st 2014

If your only exposure to the Al Dhafra Camel Festival is through our eyes, you probably assume the only things to do or see involve camels, camels and even more camels. That is only partially true. I only have eyes for the camels and the camel-related events, and that makes up a majority of the events, but there is more to the festival than just camels. The festival is an occassion to highlight various cultural aspects and heritage of the United Arab Emirates. There are competitions, that are rewarded with SUVS, that do not involve camels. We witnessed some of them, skipped a few others and some we simply watched on tv at night in our hotel. We went to the championship round of the Arabian Saluki Races that was held on the camel race track. ... read more
Saluki Race Winners
Lunch in the Souq
Just Like the County Fair: Last Minute Grooming

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