United Arab Emirates

Published: May 27th 2012
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The biggest aquariumThe biggest aquariumThe biggest aquarium

The biggest aquarium in the middle of Dubai Mall
A ferry from Bandar Abbas to Sharjah was very nice: the ticket including a dinner also a breakfast was a good surprise for me; Moe who got bad experience from Iran, also a cute and nice Japanese traveler was a pleasant company for the trip; Mohammad was a guy who helped us a lot, went bus station with us and guided us to water taxi after we passed by UAE custom, once again a guy from Iran. One thing was very interesting for me in Sharjah custom, the eyes checking, UAE is very careful about national security, and if you were banned from the country, they will have your iris registered, so even you make plastics surgery and change your name, you can not change your eyes, really cool, isn't it? But actually I have one question about it, what if I use contact lens?

UAE is a union of 7 emirates, or 7 leaders, each one has his own territory and law, basically it is like USA, and the most famous of them is Dubai, the main hub of middle east, a whole modern and luxurious world built on the desert, Dubai still powerful and growing up, so a
Burj Al ArabiBurj Al ArabiBurj Al Arabi

Night view of that
lot of job offers, and people from whole world working in Dubai, that is really a international city. The couchsurfing group of Dubai is the most active I have ever seem, a lot of events, like open air cinema, sport day, weekly meeting, birthday parties and some outdoor activity like going to Liwa Oasis, Murat was the organizer also our driver, a funny guy, in that trip I met Mestan, a Turkish, my second host from Dubai, a calm guy with clear value of the things, I am trying to make him go to Brazil in 2014 for world cup. I was expecting to find the water in oasis, I saw only a big green field in the middle of desert, anyhow, that was a amazing scene but really hot, I couldn't stand out of the car for long time, the sunlight was really strong.

Back to my first day in Dubai, I got a host, Ammar, a Syrian, he took me to a birthday party, and he was so drunk, he vomited a lot in taxi on the way back to home, arriving in his apartment he run out of taxi and left me to solve the problem with taxi driver, so I paid a DH 150 of fine for him, then he locked me out of apartment and slept, so I waited the guy lived with him, Daniwar also from Syria, and then we slept in the car. That was my first bad experience from couchsurfing, I felt Ammar a really irresponsible person, even he is very popular, funny and had a lot of positive reference from couchsurfing, sorry Ammar, I must to say it. To be drunk happens sometimes, it is OK, but not be responsible for the own mess, just saying the taxi driver could not charge the fine that was really sad. By the way, Daniwar who lives with Ammar is much more responsible and mature in my view.

Basically I was only in Dubai during my stay in UAE, exploring around the city, and realized how many things can be done in Dubai, skydiving, ski, scuba diving, the biggest aquarium inside of the mall, boat, safari and etc., the only problem for me is the heat, that makes me feel so lazy to walk around, so I am also considering Dubai for work after finish my trip, that can be nice because earning money from Dubai to use there, otherwise the cost in Dubai is a little expensive for backpackers. After considering the situation of Yemen, so I am not going to there to take ferry to Africa, it makes me skip Oman as well, too hot, I need a fresh weather, and the temperature of Ethiopia is between 15 to 28 Celsius degrees, so I am flying to Ethiopia! Finally in Africa!!!

Final account of UAE:
- 9 days
- Total USD 429 ( Visa and cost of Dubai was really high)
- Average USD 47.67 per day

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Ski station Ski station
Ski station

Ski station attached to Mall of Emirates
Open air cinemaOpen air cinema
Open air cinema

Open air cinema in WAFI mall, movies meeting of couchsurfers

Sunset view from Atlantis hotel
Poseidon cafeePoseidon cafee
Poseidon cafee

Poseidon cafe of Atlantis hotel
Something wrongSomething wrong
Something wrong

There is a something wrong in the plate, can you find it? A tip: orientation

Abbra is the cheapest transportation of Dubai, only 1 AED to cross the water
Buildings on sandsBuildings on sands
Buildings on sands

You can see the city are really built on the sands
Birthday partyBirthday party
Birthday party

A birthday party of couchsurfer
Dubai MarinaDubai Marina
Dubai Marina

Night view of the marina from my host apartment

1st December 2012

nice pictures.Dhow Cruise Dubai
21st December 2012

Thank you!
I will try my best to take more pictures

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