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As recently published in the April 1, 2019 edition of Footprints - The Newsletter of the Howard County Striders submitted by Larry Stern, Strider UAE Chief Correspondent Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is the northern most emirates in the UAE. Each winter in the month of February, runners from all around gather for its annual half marathon. This year, over 2500 runners toed the line in what is touted as “the fastest half marathon in the world”. I was one of these runners taking on a course that from an aerial view appears to be right out of the 90s adventure puzzle computer game of Myst. Run on Al Marjan Island in RAK, this series of 4 connected man-made islands extends 4.5 kilometers (Everything is metric in this country and it’s hard to get used to) into ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Ras Al Khaimah December 28th 2013

Being 'winter' in the UAE, it is a good chance to plan a few weekends away to actually be outside and go to the beach! Yes, we can still wear our summer clothes... my year round summer dress & sandals ensemble, just , which one today?.... But it is cool enough to need a jacket or light top for the evenings... when it can get down to, oh, 18 degrees and around 25 to 27 degrees during the day.... These kind of temperatures in this part of the world will see people reaching for their winter jeans, boots, jackets & scalves! For us it is the best time to get away and spend as much time outdoors as possible. At this time of year, we can get away to Ras Al Khaimah, better known as RAK, ... read more

“Stairway to heaven” is a dangerous mountain trail which was an old shepherd’s route that links Oman mountain village with Ras al khaimah coast of UAE. Alan stark, author of UAE rock climber’s guide described it as being "a five-star expedition with over 2,000 metres of ascent and descent”. He refers this route is not for the unfit, inexperienced or the fainthearted .The length and difficulty of the hike combined with challenging navigation has led to the necessity for rescue by RAK police on several occasions. All these googled info made us excited to try out this famous mountain hike. We have started gathering more information from internet, friends, travel books, tour guides. The worst thing for our hike was no one in our team had professional mountaineering experience and we didn’t know the actual route ... read more
stairway to heaven
slow and steady

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Ras Al Khaimah September 20th 2010

Ok, this is the last of my belated blogs from July in Abu Dhabi...only a bit behind in posting! Ras Al Khaimah is one of the northern Emirates of the UAE... about a 4 hr drive from Abu Dhabi, and for us, it holds the luxurious Hilton Spa Retreat! It is a bit of an uncomfortable contrast to a small city that seems predominatly quiet old and slightly dilappidated. There is a mix of new developments along side dirt roads with older rundown housing. It is also a big escape for those living in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and abroad, to come and soak in the sun & relax in some luxury. The drive from Abu Dhabi is completley through desert... freeways wind there way past flat vistas of sand & scrub, and the closer you ... read more
our dining room
from the villas to the hotel
the villas

Day 1 - Mark today we arrived in Dubai at 8 o'clock in the morning at the airport. As usual everyone started to rush off as soon as the light went on to say that we could take our seat belt off. We on the other hand just relaxed and waited for everyone to go off the plane (airbus 380.) we moved through the passport checks and controls like lightning and before we new it we had bumped into my uncle Colin (not literally.) Then after all that he took us to a shopping mall! (boring.) But to be fair we did go and get nice food and nice drink so I started to fell human again after that horrible flight! Next we went to another shopping centre but this time there was this absolutely huge! ... read more

Keeping up with the idea of seeing much more then just Dubai within UAE, I have taken another trip in one of the Emirates. This one being Ras Al Khaimah. This is out further north east of Dubai, right near the border of Oman. Once again, the lovely FJ Cruiser and a guidebook made another excursion into the unknown possible. It is an interesting note that sometimes the best trips are the simple ones. Out here in the UAE, there is so much to see away from the city that often you can easily drive for awhile and then be in a totally different land, often with no one else around. This translates to weekends being out on the road. There are a total of 7 Emirates in the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah of course being ... read more
The Camel vet.
This guy does it all
The FJ in the playground

Day 1 - Tuesday, April 1 2008 I brought a biography of Nelson to while away the idle hours. In retrospect, maybe not such a good idea. This ship is French, not Italian as we’d supposed. Recherchez du Trafalgar? Non, non, mais oui, l’Admiral d’Villeneuve est un matelot magnifique, ne c’est pas! So that’s Horatio confined to the cabin for the rest of the voyage. His presence in the wardroom appears to be un petit non diplomatique. As you see, my French is coming on splendidly as a result of such fraternite with the master and the officers whose English is on a par with my Franglais. I’ve even managed to pick up the motto of the French navy. Apparently, the English translation is “To the water - it is time.” In French, it’s “A l’eau, ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Ras Al Khaimah December 31st 2006

hola senors and senioritas! have I told any of you my grand plan to learn Spanish when I return home? well I've decided I need to know more languages and Spanish is the first... anyways, back to the country I am actually in at the moment! I wish I had my journal with me right now because I know I'm going to forget things, but then it's kinda good cuz I'll still have stories to relay when I get home that nobody has yet heard Last week Anna and I and 2 of her friends went to Dubai to go to Global Village, which is a huge area filled with kiosks from different countries around the world. There were performances and shopping and loads of giggling from us. It's hard to describe it without it sounding ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Ras Al Khaimah December 25th 2006

just a quick note to say that I have changed my flight back to Bangkok to the night of Jan 3rd in order to be able to meet up with Adeline to go to Burma so I'm stepping up my adventures! tomorrow we go to Dubai to see the sights whoop whoop! and merry christmas to those who celebrate it! (is that better Sarah? just trying not to alienate my Jewish friends-hi Shawna and Jenny happy channukah!)... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Ras Al Khaimah December 23rd 2006

here are some great shots of the UAE, there are more in my previous entry... read more
Sheikh Zayed's Mosque, RAK
grave site
Jazeerah al Hamrah

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