Random Sights and Sounds at the Al-Dharfa Camel Festival

Published: January 8th 2015
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If your only exposure to the Al Dhafra Camel Festival is through our eyes, you probably assume the only things to do or see involve camels, camels and even more camels. That is only partially true. I only have eyes for the camels and the camel-related events, and that makes up a majority of the events, but there is more to the festival than just camels. The festival is an occassion to highlight v... Read Full Entry

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8th January 2015

I would have been at the Falcon competitions in a heartbeat. Amazing birds of prey. I hope you don't disown me but I would have tried camel too! I wonder if it tastes like chicken:). How are you enjoying the crisp, refreshing weather you came back to.
8th January 2015

I like the VIP picture of you. Thanks again for sharing your adventure .
9th January 2015

What's next?
It seems to me that they give away a lot of really good prizes. I doubt if Coke or Pepsi are sponsors. Who sponsors all of the events? It looks like everything is first class! Everything looks beautiful, not like a desert. It also looks like it's cold?

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