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December 19th 2015
Published: December 21st 2015
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December 11 2015 Sailin into the gulf of Oman to the straight of Hermuz passing several tankers of oil. Oman produces more than 5% of the worlds oil. Sailing all night a south westerly route to Dubai. We continued in the Persian Gulf in a South Easterly route viewing numerous oil platforms. The Persian Gulf covers 233,000 kms. Viewing the Island of Palm Deira from the ship, we now leave for the amazing downtown of sky scrape f buildings and the artificial Palm Islands.

The Old part of town goes back centuries with the small population that survived on the small population that lived on the coastline, living by means of trade in spices and fruits. Todays city 10-15 years old and magnificent. they produce their water from the sea 3.5 million gallons per day to supply Dubai a population of 10 million 20% residents 80 % immigrant workers from all over the world including 20 thousand outside businesses that have invested here. Everyone must work there is no welfare and no crime. Women are now educated and have good jobs, a very mixed culture it is relaxed unlike other Arab countries.

Burj Alarab (Tower of the arabs) 452 meters tall, the elevator goes 20 miles per hour. Dubai thrives to have the biggest nd the best in the world.

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Burg Alarab ( tower of arabs)Burg Alarab ( tower of arabs)
Burg Alarab ( tower of arabs)

The tallest building in the world

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