I'm imagining myself as Carrie from SATC in Abu Dhabi... the only difference is I'm off to Dubai! :)

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June 19th 2013
Published: June 19th 2013
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Salam Alykom = سلامعليكم - I'm hoping this says Hello in Arabic otherwise this could be awkward.

Yes folks, it's that time again to start up my blogs as I'm off again! But this time the destination is Dubai and the purpose is work. Since being back in the UK for just over 7 months, it seems my travel bug still hasn't gone away! After several skype interviews for a full time Primary teacher role with the Agency and the school, I managed to bag a job starting in August! I found the job on the TES website pretty easily and the whole process has just happened so fast. One minute I was having my interview over skype, the next I was in Debenhams buying swimwear and a Dubai guidebook!

So far, fingers crossed, the process has not been too stressful. The Agency have been brilliant so far and have even set up a facebook group for all the new teachers going in August so we can chat and all freak out together! The only thing which has caused me to drink more wine than normal has been the annoying process of having our degrees certified and stamped by the relevant people and the UAE Embassy before going over to make sure my degree is genuine and not printed off the internet. However apart from this, everything else is going very smoothly.

In preparation for my relocation, I have been doing my research…. I’ve watched SATC 2 where the girls go to Abu Dhabi… and for anyone who’s seen it, I’m imagining that I will also be picked up from the Airport in luxurious limos like they were and not in rusty old cabs like they were dropped off in! I just hope I can pull off one of their outfits in the desert too…I have also been watching Piers Morgan in Dubai.. All very intellectual factual programs of course, where I learnt that where they are building ‘the world’ from sand, the UK has cost someone 50 thousand pounds for a load of sand… Interesting. No, but jokes aside, I am beginning to get very excited for my new adventure in the Middle East.

My contract is for two years initially but I will be able to come home during the holidays so I will be looking forward to seeing you in between term-time but of course if anyone wants to come for some hot desert sun, come visit meee! J

For the next 9 weeks (fly date 20th – 22nd August) I will be packing, attempting to make lots of floaty skirts and loose clothing (I’ve heard it can get quite hot! 😉, learning Arabic, working and getting my little backside ready for DUBAI!!


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