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January 19th 2013
Published: March 8th 2013
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19th of January 2013

Finally again in the plane for my job….after 1,5 years of working in the Netherlands I am heading for Dubai. Most of my colleagues have worked here and I wonder about all the stories I have heard about this so fast developing place.

At Arrival at Dubai airport it became clear that the quit years are behind, a huge hall full with people waiting for their passport control and visa stamp, tired I join the mob of many different cultures, Indian, Arab, Europeans and wait 1,5 hour for a stamp. Drivers are lined up, to many to read all the signs / names on both sides I head for the Van Oord logo. After a short introduction we head for the car and drive to the Byblos Hotel. Around 2 o clock I arrived and went for a drink in the Irish Bar at the ground floor and then to bed, my pick-up would be there 10.00.

The next day I wake up a bit confused and then realize I am in Dubai after a quick shower and a breakfast My driver takes me to the office where I meet with Rene who is already busy with the Jumana Island Project. The first time we should spend on method statements, project proposals, research about available equipment, parts and pipelines. In two weeks we prepared most of the job, rough estimates about volumes, required equipment etc. was listed in a basic planning. When more people came to the project I was placed to be Superintendent on the sand fill and Causeway as well on another project for the rock works what is complete new for me. So I am sure I will make some stupid mistakes and have to run behind the facts but also allot of things to learn and discover.

As a superintendent on a starting project your involved in many decisions, equipment rental and termination and subject to changes. By three working locations (Deira, Jumana Island and Palm Jumeira) I was driving allot and time went fast. One project was placing rock, different gradations, large excavators, transport and limited time while the other was a sand fill, making bunds and a disposal area.

Dubai is a complete different country than I have visited before. All is about the looks, the outside and the show. The person, his story and feelings are less important. For me it feels as a great place but its hollow from the inside, I am missing something. The shopping malls are huge, all including and perfect, shiny cars that cost too much…it’s all nice to see. But I prefer a chat with an old local, hear his stories about life and his culture. Learn about the nature, development of the country and the people. But here that story is very short….dessert, people herding and living a nomad existence. Oil found and extraction begun, in 30 years the camel is replaced by a Maserati and the tent by a sky scraper. Not much going on about politics and environment.

So after shopping I can focus 100%!o(MISSING)n the job, let’s hope we can start soon and get the job done maybe even reduce the delays we suffer now J


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