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October 8th 2012
Published: October 8th 2012
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Gifts from Mom and DadGifts from Mom and DadGifts from Mom and Dad

Pretzels are gone though!
Week 18? Really? That is just so strange to me. I've been living in Dubai for more than 4 months. Since Gwen left, life has returned to some sense of normalcy. I went back to work Sunday morning and thus a difficult week at work was begun.

The week before, I'd received a terrific package from my parents, which contained sunscreen, a few movies I'd ordered, my new kindle cover, and (most importantly) two large bags of pretzels! (The pretzels didn't last very long and Sam literally ate the every last morselly bit). There were also a few items of my Grandmother's, who passed away August 13th, that my parents gave to me, including some of her jewelry. I do miss her.

I think I actually had a (small) glass of wine every night last week as I just needed something to unwind after those dreadful days. Thursday night, my American coworker and I went to unwind at the Pullman Hotel, one of two fancy shmancy hotels at Mall of the Emirates. It was perfect! There is an outdoor lounge and with the slightly cooler nights and a nice breeze, it was a great end to the week. I
Hair careHair careHair care

It is common for women's hair to fall out easily here, due desalination
wanted a fruity girly drink, but there was a happy hour where I could get a nice glass of Shiraz for 17 dirhams, so I went with the wine. We told more stories (read: potentially incriminating evidence) before checking out the beautiful rooftop pool and view. If my parents ever come to visit, maybe I'll put them up there for a night or two.

Friday we were to have brunch, but this time at McGettigan's. It was just me, Melvin, Sam and Jamie. First, Jamie and I got pedicures, then we met them at the patio, which had just been opened. Unfortunately, McG's participated in a bit of false advertising and were extremely unapologetic about it; we had looked up the menu the previous day and instead of the buffet like at Pergola's, they have a set amount of dishes that each come with three drinks. The best item on the menu was the grill, which had various bbq'd meats. Apparently, this would not be available until the next week. The manager was not overly sympathetic. We stayed anyway and got different meals (me and Sam got breakfast which was ok, Melvin and Jamie fish and chips).

We soon went inside as it was getting very hot; there was a "band" there. I wonder if McG's paid them... I kind of hope they did because then Karma would be working hard. We were in there for 2 hours, they played three ok songs; the rest of the time (no joke!) they were up there "Check check check, 2 2 2, check, 2 2 check". Melvin finally yelled "Play a song!!!!" and got the appreciation of other customers and the anger of the wait staff. Strike 2 McG. I actually consider their overcharging of me a few weeks ago as Check 3, but since I haven't made a stink about it, that's on me. Of course, there is always the cigarette smoke, but that is common here...One more shot?

Saturday was going to be busy and it changed throughout the day. At 10 the maids arrived to clean. At the same time, Melvin called me to head up to Barracuda. No shower and a quick change of my workout clothes to something fairly presentable. I stocked up on wine and some small bottles of alcohol for potential future guests (no, really!). We stopped at the outlet mall on
Car washCar washCar wash

Dad would love it - you park in the mall and while there, they'll wash your car
the return home, which I'd never been to before, and I got some new cleats! Yes! They were on sale, fit perfectly and I can already feel the difference after two practices.

As soon as I got home, I jumped in a shower and headed to yet another mall: Festival City. Samar and I were going to catch a movie, Taken 2. I hopped on the metro and anticipated taking the green line to very close to the area, but apparently the metro isn't finished and stops in Healthcare City instead, over an hour later. After having to wait a while to flag a taxi, then a 15 minute ride, I finally made it to the mall, which seemed pretty nice. It is facing the Creek and has a nice outdoor promenade, though most of the mall is inside. Samar called me to meet me; I won't go into the details, but it was not easy to find her as there are NO directories in the mall. That is so stupid. Needless to say, I was a bit grouchy as I finally found her - she offered me a teacake which I accepted (I had not eaten anything except half a whopper, jr at 11am). I promptly spit it out - chocolate covered marshmallow is probably one of things I fear most. The movie was entertaining, but I was amazed at the amount of people who feel it is ok to just talk the whole time - unbelieveable.

On the way home, I stopped at Mall of the Emirates to buy some things I need. I needed black dress shoes, and got a second pair of flats. I got a new dress, new pants, and new shirts. I got new makeup and a few toiletries from Boots.

So yes, three malls in one day; two new ones. WHEW!!!

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View from PullmanView from Pullman
View from Pullman

Burj al Arab
View from PullmanView from Pullman
View from Pullman

from the top!
McG's breakfastMcG's breakfast
McG's breakfast

the black thing is black pudding - no thank you!
McG's McG's

The ever changing wall colors
Sick of camels yet?Sick of camels yet?
Sick of camels yet?

Neither am i!
Dubai Outlet mallDubai Outlet mall
Dubai Outlet mall

literally in the middle of nowhere

To get back to civilization, we had to go through this tunnel

Flowers are expensive and not common here. These were gorgeous though

9th October 2012

That amazing place; this busy life.
Hi Lexi, I just have to say what an amazing set of pictures of the sights in Dubai you've posted here. I'm thinking it's the new New York City and better. Fresh is good. I took my family in the new 4x4 up the Canadian river on friday night and then had a visit with the in-laws on Sunday. Mowed the lawn and visited with the locals today. Cleaned out and then donated our old refrigerator to the Salvation Army. The weather is crazy: hot, cold, warm, cold, hot. So much going on, and so many plans to do more. How do we keep up? Busy is good!

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