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October 5th 2012
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So we left Manchester at 9pm on Sunday 30th. Our flight had no issues, although at check in we were both 7kgs OVER with our hand luggage!!!! EEeeeeek! We were grabbing stuff out and giving the items to Mum and Dad to take home, as fast as were taking them out Dad was stuffing the items into our weighed check in!! Haha... Means that we're about 6/7kgs over so no space for any bits as we go 😞

We arrived in Dubai Monday 1st October at 7am. Took us over an hour to get off the airplane and through security, security found it very suspect that K had so many DVD's with him!! They thought they were chocolates and wanted to check them out. I felt like we were featuring in a surprise advert for Lindt chocolate or something!! The heat when we got off the plane almsot knocked me over and from the airport we had a 15-20 minute metro journey to our hotel. I was fine dealing with my luggage when we were in nice, cool AC environment but once I was in the burning sun I had to stop every few minutes! It was very hard dragging almost my own body weight in luggage... once I was in the heat and working with the luggage I kept thinking "Do I really NEED sooooo many pairs of shoes??!" K was very patient... But I thnk my case is broke!!! Sod's law!! Wheel's have gone on one side... cheap for a reason I guess....Hopefully it'll hold out until Oz, Fingers crossed! Once we arrived within eyesight of the hotel there were staff who came and helped with our luggage. PHEW!!

The hotel/apartment room was very nice... at times maybe too cold!! Haha... never happy! We couldn't work the AC but it was nice to come into the room from high 30's, on some days pushing 40 to a chilly room!!! My cold/cough has been very persisitant and is only really shifting now... So we took it easy in Dubai really and mostly I just tried to get better! I feel it's only because I'm no longer working that my body has decided to give me man flu!!

Whilst in Dubai we visited LOTS of Malls. Dubai really is all about the shopping. We visited ONLY 3 malls but there are plenty more we could have been to. We went to Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall and Dubai Marina Mall. Mall of ther Emirates is near(ish) to the Burj al Arab so we walked from the Mall of the Emirates to the Burj al Arab... some of the photo's from this walk are on FB. We look very sweaty... we could only get so close to the building but we have some cool photos. It was lovely to get a taxi back to the hotel. I <3 AC!!!! Dubai Mall is huge also, this mall is next to Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world 828metres I think...). We went up the Burj Khalifa...124th floor... lifts go at 10metres a second... made my ears pop!!

We've had a fair whack of nanny naps too, try and help me get better before the next leg. Krish has worked out 3 times I think. Gym in the hotel had good facilities. We spent some time by the pool, K lapping up the sunshine, me curled under the umbrella for the shade. I move with the sun and adjust lounger/umbrella as time passes to make sure not even a toe is exposed!!! Haha... but I'm not even a tiny bit sunburnt and we have been out in the sun for quite a while on some days. Hi 5!!!

We also visited Dubai fountain which is at Dubai Mall. They play music as the fountains move with the music and create a beautiful display. Took my breath away!! We also went on a Desert safari in the evening. Those are the photo's with the sand on the dunes. Our driver bust a tyre!! At times it made me feel a little car sick with the speed that he was whizzing over the dunes and down again. I have no idea how the car didn't topple!! At one point I was rolling about in the sand enjoying the moment and then I turned to K "Is there things here that can kill me?!" Haha... I enjoyed it. Didn't see a single scorpian. Thank God!! We went from dune bashing to a camp out in the desert where there's a buffet and entertainment. A man dancer (had lights on his outfit??!) and a belly dancer (who was blond, tiny, white and had boobs so big I'm amazed she didn't topple!!!) We made friends with the other couples in our group. A couple from Germany - K chatted to them in German for a while - helps keep him fluent and a chinese couple. The chinese couple spoke little to no english and obviously we speak no chinese and yet I still kept trying to chat to them!!! Argh!! Such hard work!! Lol....

We went to a cool restaurant the other night with all you can eat Dosa's.... Mmmmmmm. Lots of different varieties (for my non-indian friends/rels... Dosa's are like pancakes but savory. It's an Indian food and is usually filled with something. Really yummy!!) K and I had a little competition here, a little like Man Vs Food! They had a leader board... for the women the top place had eaten 42 and 75 for the men! I managed.... (drum roll...) 8!!!! Haha.... K managed 16! Eeeek.... so we won't look for jobs in competitive eating to get us into Oz then!!

So I'm going to say goodbye for now beautiful people... our plane will be boarding in a little under a half hour. Much love to all... Be in touch from India <3 Kisses ~Xxxxxxxx


5th October 2012

What an adventure already!
Hi, what an adventure already! I know about when the heat hits you when you arrive at Dubai airport, been there and yes it really hits you as soon as you get out of the plane. Looking forward to reading the next blog. Have fun! xxxxx Kitty
22nd October 2012

India is intense!
Hi Kitty! We're having a great time. India has been out of this world... we haven't left yet but already I can't wait to come back!!
7th October 2012

Your cold
Your nan and I have been laid up in bed since your party. You left us with a terrible cough and cold. Still we will get better EVENTUALLY. Meanwhile enjoy every moment of your adventure, you might never get the chance again. Take care opf one another. G/dad.
22nd October 2012

Sorry to have left you and Nan poorly. Feel so bad about that. If it makes you feel any better I've only just really shifted it myself in the last week!! Hopefully speak soon Gdad. Much love Xxxx

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