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August 24th 2012
Published: August 24th 2012
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out in the "tent" - no really!
Prepare yourself for a boring entry:

Nothing much exciting this week. I had my first sick half/day, but honestly I've never felt better since I've been here. It couldn't be the lack of alcohol.... could it? of course, that was the day the client who had been relatively easy picks to flip out and I don't know if he even tried to call me, but he did call my boss a few hours after I'd left work. I really don't get the mentality here. Jamie warned me. Eric warned me. And I am not regretting coming here by any means, but it is still shocking behavior. I go in the next day after being sick AND stressed the day before, and Thursday was a busy but easy day.

After work yesterday, my American coworker and I went to THE bar in our neighborhood: McGettigan's. I had gone there with him and his wife a couple of weeks ago, but this time, since Ramadan is over, we got to sit out in the "tent". Ok - I'm still a little confused about what is considered a tent here. In the US, a tent is something that can get blown over
Bonnington HotelBonnington HotelBonnington Hotel

in the background, with McGettigans down below with the bright lighted sign
in a stiff breeze and either has open sides or a fan for some air ventilation. Here, it is more like an audience hall but it looks permanent and comes complete with a/c. However, my coworker said this particular tent is opened up in nicer weather. I guess I'll let you guys know in a few months. Anyway, i just had a endive salad which was only okay, but I had my Stella to keep me company and I definitely had more to drink than I've had yet since I've been here. But it was nice getting to know him - we swapped stories and somehow, I told him some of the best "Ron" stories and "George" and "Jim" stories. Those stories are entertaining no matter who you talk to.

I walked home and stopped by the gelato place with the ice cream cone chairs (heehee) and took some pictures. The weather here has actually been pretty nice. Quite windy, but a cooler breeze than the air so it feels great. However, I'm sleeping in Jamie's comfortable bed this week while she's gone, since I think it is actually better for my neck (I may try going to a doctor next week). I guess I didn't close the sliding door all the way and left a scary movie on, so I got woken up around 2am with my doors rattling and it freaked me out!

This morning I woke fairly later than usual (I usually sleep only 6 hours a night) and decided I needed to go watch the Dark Knight Rises again! I briefly considered Brave, but was not in the mood. I wanted to try out the Dubai Marina Mall movie theater. I thought it was a normal theater, but it is actually "Business Premium" - it is kind of between regular theater and VIP. It was 40 dirhams, I paid 10 extra for a blanket and pillow (thank goodness cause it was FREEZING in there!). I settled into the nice little lounge while waiting for them to start seating. I ordered a little snack, which was my lunch as well. And there was like nobody there. I sat in a nice wide seat, no leg rest, but it reclines almost all the way back. It was a great experience and I'll do it again. Maybe tonight...

After the movie, I wandered around the wall
Lakeview TowerLakeview TowerLakeview Tower

my building across the lake
a bit. I really do not like my cleats (maybe I should have had Jamie grab mine from home...), so I was looking for some new ones. They don't have girls cleats in any of these stores, even Adidas, but I usually wear boys cleats anyway because of my freakishly small feet. However, I didn't see any I liked. I looked for some shorts too, but they either have super short shorts or "shorts" that end just past the knees. I figured I already have plenty of workout pants and they do just fine. I went to the grocery store and bought a cheese block from the cafe then walked around the Marina. It was a very nice, easy day. The weather was still good - a little hot, but breezy.

Now, I am catching up on Top Chef reruns! 😊 Sorry this blog is boring, but it's been a week since I wrote and I know some of you have wondered. So, here are some pictures and the excitement will be back soon enough, believe me. Jamie's brother is coming for a visit and he's nothing if not entertainment, then I go to Italy with Gwen, and then
Dubai Marina MallDubai Marina MallDubai Marina Mall

from the marina side
she comes to visit us here for a week. Woohoo!

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lovely day!

24th August 2012

Not boring at all!
I always like your posts. And the pictures are great! Thanks for keeping us updated. I hope you have a chance to post again soon. Have a good weekend, buttercup.

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