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August 18th 2012
Published: August 18th 2012
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Happy EidHappy EidHappy Eid

this is apparently Happy Eid
Today was a fairly lazy day. I realized that I had been eating out too much and I need to get back on track with my weight loss and money saving plans - they kind of go hand in hand. So, I walked to the Marina Mall and bought a food processer. I went to another major supermarket, Waitrose, which is apparently like an English grocery store, and I did feel the most at home here. I got lots of fruits and vegetables. It really is so easy to buy produce here and they have almost everything you can think of. The prices you have to pay attention to because if things are not in season or are shipped in from far away, it can be really expensive (remember my nectarines?). I bought strawberries and raspberries (not cheap, but my favorite fruits), kiwis, pineapples, onion, garlic, cucumbers, celery and papaya.

I came home and took my time cooking, making tuna salad and chicken salad for my meals for the next few days. I need to cut up my fruit so I can have easy access to good healthy breakfast foods.

We were supposed to have a soccer game this evening at 9, but it needed to be confirmed first. I didn't hear from anyone today, and I was feeling lazy so I didn't contact them either, but Noof called me at 9; however, I was already with Zenah and her visiting American friend, James, to go for some coffee. I felt bad and I wound up wishing I went to the game; I don't like training but I love playing! And this would have been a coed game, so it would have been a good competitive game - next week I guess.

In the meantime, the three of us went to Reem al Bawadi (where I had my second iftar, but this time it was on Sheikh Zayed road, not the Marina). I was not really hungry, having snacked all day while cooking, but I ordered hummus with pine nuts and arabic bread. I also tried turkish coffee as everyone had told me to try it at some point. I'm not a coffee drinker by any stretch of the imagination (I think I am up to 9 cups in my whole life...), but I am willing to try anything once. It was not too bad, but a little grimy. Zenah also ordered us a little cup of some kind of juice made from dates, which was not too bad. But again - coffee and sweets are really not my thang. It was nice to sit and chat and the atmosphere was incredible. Good music, nice decor, and pretty good food and service.

On our way out, we passed an offshoot of the restaurant, a sweets and bakery, so we went in. It was like a cute little coffee shop / bakery. There was a big coffee shop area to the right and to the left were a bunch of sweets and tarts. Toward the back were more bakery type desserts. In the very back, was a cute area to sit and chat. I would definitely want to come back here. It seemed overpriced but the atmosphere here was also amazing. I was looking at a box of sweets, to buy for my family back home and I asked one of the guys what this one thing in the middle was. I will have to get Zenah's feedback again, but it was like a sweet (similar to a sweet, called mann al sama, usually packed in a box of flour, that a coworker had brought from Iraq). These sweets at the bakery were coated with rose petals instead of packed in flour and can I just say Y-U-M. The guy let me try one from the bulk section. The rose petals smell sweet but the flavor inside has the floury-nut taste - I may just hang on to these guys....

I need to take Zenah to a VIP movie because apparently she has never done this! Um, yeah, WHAT??? So, for once, I can educate her on Dubai culture!

I went to see the Dark Knight Rises, vip style, Thursday night after work. It was strange because I was against the wall and there was a guy who was seated next to me. This guy came late, played with his phone all during the previews and through much of the movie. The funniest (?) part was that he buzzed the servers repeatedly during the previews - just kept mashing and mashing the button until someone came - then asked for a menu. Then he asked a server taking blankets to the top for a menu, in a not so friendly way. Then the server comes back with a menu and he said "Oh I just want a popcorn and soda." What an a-hole. I truly believe some people here just like the idea of others being at their complete beck and call.

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Rose petals Rose petals
Rose petals

Mann al Sama covered with rose petals

18th August 2012

So many yummy things! Coffee, rose petal things, cheese plate, hummus! It sounds like you're on an exotic vacation. I really hope to visit you next year or meet up in Greece. You've become quite the expert on livin the good life! Xoxo

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