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July 23rd 2012
Published: July 23rd 2012
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Midnight FireworksMidnight FireworksMidnight Fireworks

at the Burj al Arab (I think)
The other night at midnight I was woken to a popping sound. Yes, there were fireworks going off near the Palm or Burj al Arab. I guess a Ramadan celebration? Very weird for a Saturday night.

Yesterday was the usual work day. I had reports, smiled a lot, and looked for apartments. I was getting very frustrated with the apartment hunting; after sending a few emails or calling agents, I had little to go on. IF I actually got someone on the phone, it was usually "Oh that is unit 3602. Just tell the security desk and go on up." They had no intention of meeting with me, or volunteering any information or anything. It's just "Oh, go look for yourself, call me, and give me 5%." Utterly ridiculous. Then, a beam of light shone upon me. A guy named Said called me about one of the apartments that I'd requested information on and offered to meet me that afternoon. Holla! I was in a taxi before you could said Jumeirah Lakes Towers and I beat him to the place (my taxi driver was awesome). It turned out to be the exact same building as I had previously looked at

The place we went the other night, Jumeirah Madinat, is to the left.
and I really liked it there. I went up to the apartment myself, a corner place on the 26th floor, to wait for him and the view out of the hall window was spectacular. You could see the mouth of the Marina and the Gulf in the background.

When he finally made it and I looked around, I knew this was The One. It was furnished tastefully, and most importantly, it had the major kitchen appliances (fridge, oven or "cooker", and the washer/dryer combo). The living room had brown leather couches, a coffee table, and a tv. The bedroom had a nice big bed, wardrobe, two end tables, and a desk with chair. The bathroom is my favorite feature: huge! It has a separate bath tub and shower, toilet (I think a bidet too), and a large vanity with sink. There is also a guest powder room. I had really hoped for a maid's bedroom, but it generally comes with places with two or more bedrooms. The maid's bedrooms are probably about the size of my new bathroom - enough room for a single bed, a tiny closet, and (if they're really lucky) a window. That would have been
Look to kitchenLook to kitchenLook to kitchen

This is not the furniture, and the apartment if flipped, but this is what it looks like
Jamie's room... But the view! Oh! The view is amazing!!!! On one side of the balcony, you can see out over the whole Marina; on the other side is the man made lakes which give JLT its name. It was a little windy though...

The guy told me to think about it overnight and I discussed with Jamie. She is very excited for me. I knew this was the place for me: good size, nice furniture included and a great price within my budget. Today, I gave him my deposit and started the paperwork, and then went over yet more paperwork at Fugro, since they are paying for about 2/3 of it. I am so excited, but somehow I managed to do a LOT of work today! I still have plenty more for tomorrow. Joy...

This evening, I came back and Jamie wanted to go work out at the gym. I was exhausted, but very glad I went. I rode the bike for about 20 minutes, did some weights and a little stretching. Then we went out to dinner. I have a bunch of takeout menus and she wanted to try this Thai place which is like a block from the hotel, so we went out. And then we went all out. We each ordered two dishes, so we could have leftovers for lunch. And it was delicious! Definitely will be going back to "Chimes - Taste a Feast from the East". The manager was extremely friendly, food was good, and it was a great atmosphere. I have some good pictures to show. I am still so confused with the tipping requirements here; I have always been a big tipper especially for people that really deserve it. But Jamie says I over tip. I am torn!!!

And now for a new section I would like to call - "Thank you for being a friend." (this is a theme song for which show, people??) This is where I will make the few of you who actualy read my blog feel a little special, and my first dedication goes out to one of the first people to subscribe to my blog, and someone who told me that she and her boyfriend look forward to getting my subscriber email each day, which means so much to me:

Fifteen years ago, a shy Yankee girl moved into a dorm room at Stewart Hall at Ole Miss with the help of her parents and two younger sisters (one of whom was wearing a camouflage shirt and a bullet necklace). Her roommate, a blonde Southern Belle, only child, and valedictorian, came in with her parents and was a little overwhelmed by the large boisterous family. Despite their many differences, maybe even partially because of them, these two young ladies soon became best friends. This first year in college was just the beginning of five years of living together, followed by ten years of picking up the phone just to chat, during good times and bad. Girls trips to New Orleans, Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, and the Keys. "Patrick Swayze" nights. Dr Jackson's history classes. Chicken and cheese casseroles at Carol's. Gym sessions at Turner Center in the "men's section". Midnight deliveries of Coop. Setting up for the football games at the Geology tent. "Rock" parties. And becoming integrated into each other's families. Thank you, my Capitan, for being such a great friend, for helping me tame some of my tomboy ways, and for teaching me how to accept others withough judging them. You really are an amazing person and great friend! I miss
My dinner plateMy dinner plateMy dinner plate

Clockwise from top left: Papaya salad (my absolute favorite), Satay Kai (chicken w/ peanut sauce), Kai Pad Kra Prao (minced chix stir fry w/ garlic, red chili and basil), and pad thai

Additional photos below
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Satay KaiSatay Kai
Satay Kai

was the only thing that was only ok

After workout food
Kai Pad Kra PraoKai Pad Kra Prao
Kai Pad Kra Prao

I liked the flavors

23rd July 2012

Looks like you will be quite a happy little bot in your new place!! I'm totally jealous of you having Jamie around as a workout buddy, she's the best one I've ever found!!! Can't wait to see more pics of your place and your tales of cooking in a far away land!! (-: love and miss you much!!
23rd July 2012

shout outs
Love it!! You made me cry...can't believe 15 years have flown by!! Sounds like you're having an amazing time and I'm glad you found a place to call home while you're there. Miss you Lex, love reading about your daily adventures! :-)
23rd July 2012

Thanks you guys! I really miss you too! I love looking back on our memories together. :)
23rd July 2012

Thanks, Lexi!! Miss you so much! Can't wait to add the middle east to our list of adventures! :)
23rd July 2012
Kai Pad Kra Prao

are you drinking beer out of a straw?? :)
23rd July 2012

Congratulations! The place looks great!
23rd July 2012

Congratulations! The place looks great!
23rd July 2012

Love the place!
Your apt rocks! So happy for you. This blog made me really hungry. Thai papaya salad is my favorite. Now I have to go put something boring together in the kitchen. Miss you mucho Amiga!
24th July 2012

not beer!
Haha - when I looked back at the photo, I was like "I bet someone asks if I am drinking beer out of a straw...." It is iced tea with mint. You can only get drinks at designated pubs or resort hotel restaurants.
24th July 2012
Kai Pad Kra Prao

Iced Tea with Mint
It does look like a beer though, huh?
24th July 2012

I really wish I could "like" everyone's comments - you all made me smile when I woke up this morning with morning with 8 comments! :)

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