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June 29th 2012
Published: June 29th 2012
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Last night was hard for me to sleep as I felt so nauseous the whole night. I don't know why but it made me mad! I woke in the morning and didn't feel any better. I didn't feel any better the rest of the day. And I still feel icky. I know why - we won't get into it. I can only hope tomorrow is back to normal.

So, I spent much of my day watching the few english speaking stations on TV - movie after movie - and I wanted to relate the way movies are portrayed here. Swearing - ok. Sometimes. Most movies I watch have the entire range of swear words up for fun, but every now and then, it is deemed offensive. For instance, I watched "How to lose a guy in 10 days" and they play a card game called Bullsh*t on there. On American tv, definitely it would be bleeped out. Here, if they referred to the game, it was fine, but to actually say "Bullsh*t!" it was silenced. I didn't get it. Then on Clueless, Cher drops her pen on the floor for the cute boy to pick up and he checks out her legs and says "Nice stems" - this whole part was cut out as is the word "He's gay!" but they can say "he's a disco dancing, friend of Dorothy." They also always cut out the kissing scenes. It is nothing major and it's surprising how little you miss of these parts of the movies, but it is funny.

I realized around 4 pm that I really had to eat something or I would just feel worse. I remembered - room service!!! I checked out the menu and nothing looked appetizing to me. Nothing. Just looking at it made me feel sick. But I ordered some spaghetti with meat sauce which came promptly. The part I was looking forward to most though, the bread, was left out, though they did bring the butter. 😞 So, I kind of picked at the spaghetti, which was not too bad, but I just could not eat much. It was a huge plate! I wound up eating 1/3 of the whole thing over the next few hours then put it outside.

At least eating gave me a little bit of energy and I realized that I really wanted to get out of the stuffy room. What I really wanted was a long hot bath, but I have no stopper, so I decided to go up to the roof and sit in the hot tub. Aaaahhhh..... That was just what I needed! I relaxed in the tub for about a half hour, then got out to relax on a lounge chair and look at the sky. It was about 9pm at this point and the weather was absolutely perfect, even a slight breeze. You could see the Mall of the Emirates with the ski slope lit up with neon blue and the Burj Khalifa in the distance. You could see a couple of stars and the moon, but it was just very peaceful.

I went inside and sat in the sauna for about 15 minutes and then decided to go to the gym. I still was not feeling great, but I did weights for about 15 minutes until the guy working there came to check on me. Then he had me do some sit ups! Haha! He said on Wednesday to meet with him and he will give me a schedule, so it looks like I got myself a personal trainer. 😊

He asked if I wanted to turn black or something and I thought he meant black is a flattering color so I agreed, then I realized that he was talking about tanning. I said, "Oh no! I turn red!!!" He laughed but it made me think that even though I've spent most of my days indoors and my skin color is doing fun, my hair is getting significantly lighter. This happened before when I first moved to California and my hair turned bright red. We'll see what happens this time.

Sorry for no new pictures, but it was an effort just to get out of my room today. Instead, here is a picture of my red hair, courtesy of the southern California sun. The picture is when my sisters and I visited England a year after I got my first job; at this point, I worked in the field 2-3 days a week.


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