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June 24th 2012
Published: June 24th 2012
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This will be short as it was just a routine, busy busy work day.

Tomorrow, Eric and I go to look at some rock slopes in Fujairah because we're geologists and geologists like rocks! Then we are staying at this nice resort on the ocean, where I plan to have my first drink in almost 4 weeks to celebrate getting yet another year older. Today's taxi driver was nice - he asked me if I had a husband to which I said no. "Yes, Americans they get married later, yes? In Pakistan, we are married by 20." Well, that was a long time ago. Yep, feeling old...

It has been more or less confirmed that I will be spending my summer working in Qatar. I hope it is not as bad as I fear (work wise only), and as long as I am definitely coming back, I can handle anything for a couple of months. I hope.

Today for lunch Zenah brought her mom's lasagna (yum!), I brought my leftover Arabic bread with hummus which was quite good, and Ivan brought chicken with green peppers from his wife. Definitely a good lunch. I will miss Ivan's wife's cooking as he will be spending the next couple of weeks in Qatar; I will probably get there just as he is leaving.

Anyway, must get a good night's sleep tonight! I warned Eric that I am going to be a little camera happy on this trip... 😊 So, in a day or two, you guys will have pictures galore!


25th June 2012

Qatar = FIFA World Cup Construction!
They are getting quite desperate over there, and NEED to get ready. Stadium construction? Nothing new for you. In fact this winter I watched Ventura HS soccer play a CIF playoff game in Downey, in one of the stadiums where you did driven pile observation so many years ago! Thanks for blogging. Hope all is well. Todd's baby arrived safely, baby Joseph. Much love, Lauren

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