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June 18th 2012
Published: June 18th 2012
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This will be fairly short as today was an exhausting day. But I love those days! I was trying so hard to finish the Qatar report before the shuttle, but I still have about 2 hours of work left on it. Oh well. yeah, I'm thinking the Qatar office is a mess - the lab data was all over the place, arrived at random times, and the writing is strange. So, I'm thinking I could do a lot of good in Qatar, since they don't even have an engineer. But I don't know - that's a lot of responsibility too. I guess we'll see. What didn't go so well at work is that I didn't get any further in the apartment hunt. I am only in my hotel until the 30th, so I need to line up a place. I know what I want and about what extra I am willing to spend, but I need to know what kind of allowance I have and they will need to pay it first since I will not havve my visa at least for another couple of weeks. It's exhausting, but I guess this is one of the problems with the office here - it takes a while to get things done and you have to be very persistent. Jamie and Eric warned me, but I thought it was more about the work then the whole experience. Oh well - once it's done I'll be good!!!

For lunch, we went out to Times Square and I finally got a falafel wrap - it was pretty good but took forever. It is not authentic but I've been craving one and it hit the spot. I should just walk a little further around the neighborhood to find a good place. 😊 I felt bad because I told Ivan, the geologist in our group, that I would see him at lunch as his wife gave him a little extra food to share with us. I dind't remember til I saw him when I got back. I felt so bad - he is so nice! So, tomorrow for sure. I wonder what I can make in return...? Fruit? I'll see if I can dig something up at the supermarket before work.

I talked to Mom about her big party for a few minutes - she seemed very happy. I can't believe the ordeal is over and she can start moving and getting life back to normal! I really miss everyone and wish I could have been there.

So, keeping in theme - please write comments even if it is small. I come home everyday excited to see how many people have viewed (33)and how many comments are ready for me to accept (0). There are a few that have emailed me individually and I will try to respond to you soon. 😊


18th June 2012

Dude, I've commented A Couple Of Times....
Hey Alexis, I've commented a couple of times.... Or at least I thought I have.... Maybe they didn't go through.... I'll have to check.... I like reading your blogs.... Entertaining stuff.... You never answered my question; do they actually sell surfboards at the Roxy store? At any rate, keep writing the blogs... People are enjoying them! -Steve
18th June 2012

So happy your mom is done with treatment!! Now the healing can begin!! (: I'm sure even though they miss you, your family is extremely excited for your adventure to the middle-east!! Good luck with the Quatar report, and keep on them about your visa and livin expenses!! You'll be enjoying your own place and. Poking for you and Jamie before you know it!! (-: xoxo
18th June 2012

Thanks guys! I love the feedback! :) I see that people are reading, but I have no idea who half the time. Thanks Amber!! Steve - I am not sure if they actually sell surfboards at that particular store, but your question had me thinking and today at lunch I noticed that they DO sell boards at this adventure store at Times Square; I laughed.
18th June 2012

Awesome blog!
Hi Alexis, I've been reading your blog since day 1, really great stuff sounds like your having a good time! So keep up the posting! And more pics please :)
19th June 2012

I read all your blogs but don't always have time to comment. I'll try to get better at it. Do places get offended if you take pics? I thought the UAE was all about tourism. So be a big tourist and take those pictures! I'm sure the people of the country will be proud that you're sharing their culture with your friends! Love you!
22nd June 2012

I read all of your posts
I love your blog and read each post, although sometimes it's just a quick read while I'm working. I'll try to leave some comments when I can. Keep the blog posts coming!

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