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June 11th 2012
Published: June 11th 2012
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Let me first start off by saying, yes I know you're missing pictures and I apologize, but people stare enough at me, the white freckled girl, without me taking pictures and looking like a complete tourist! There are so many things I want to share with you, but I will describe them first (then when I can finally get a car, I'll drive around the city taking pictures of everything!).

First of all, my taxi driver today was a hoot. Completely unfriendly, understood zero english except left, right and straight. Based on my conversation with the driver yesterday, I told this guy to go to the Grand City Mall and I would direct him from there; between us both we got there in record time and about 10AED cheaper. Hope it works this well tomorrow. Among one of the things that I wanted to picture in cab rides are other cars and buses (especially school buses) - I will work on that tomorrow. At least only the cab driver will make fun of me!

I am starting to settle in nicely at work. It was a crazy busy day, just like I like it! First I completed the Oman report from last week, coordinating with our office in Muscat. Then, I finished off some inclinometer plots for Ventura, for maybe the last time 😞 then I did some reading on references I may need. My boss came in and asked if I'd be willing to write a report for a project in Qatar - of course! This is a fairly big project report with engineering recommendations required - yikes! But Yay! Then my Palm project was being mobilized to start work tomorrow so I had to meet with the coordinator, who was very friendly, and print out the requirements for the job. There are lots of borings, CPTS and trial (test) pits. So, between those two projects, the rest of my week is full and I'm loving it! I could work all day long if I am gainfully employed. It makes the day fly by and I go home feeling like I accomplished something!

I also worked on coordinating my life today: discussed getting an apartment with Jamie, coordinating with one lady from the office who I'll meet with tomorrow. Jamie recommends the Dubai Marina or some neighborhoods close to it; she sent me a couple of links and I'm hoping the lady tomorrow goes for one of them. They are slightly more expensive than my (most likely) allowance, but I am willing to pay a couple hundred a month for a nice place in a new city, which I will call my home for two years!

I went to lunch with the usual crew to the Limetree, which is basically a kiwi restaurant. It was funny to see lots of Brits in one place. I just got a cold grilled veggie sandwich on a ciabatta roll. It was good; just kind of a deli style place that is pretty typical in California. See, here I wanted to take a picture, but my coworkers would have laughed for the rest of the day. Nidal was already playing Slayer in the car for my benefit!

I bought a metro ticket for the rest of the week from Business Bay to Sharaf DG, so I'm enjoying the little shuttle ride from work at 5:30 to the station. Again, I thought to myself "If I asked them to smile for the camera, would they?" Maybe on my last day before I get my own wheels. I do want to take pictures of the buildings in the City up close. I have a couple of favorites: one is dramatically different and one is a beautiful color.

I came back to a nice clean room with my dresses hanging, having been washed and pressed... Aaaah...

Ok, I'm off to read more about Sookie and go to bed. Day 2 has ended here, while you are all just starting your week. Haha!


11th June 2012

ur gonna be stared at and laughed at til u go home 2 yrs later!!!!!! laugh at them back! be a tourist cuz we want those pics!!! dont u know that i'm living vicariously thru u?!?!?!?!? if i have to wait til u get a car (boo) then fine. love the adventures and the stories of of ur daily commute!!!!

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