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June 10th 2012
Published: June 10th 2012
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Well, today was the start of my second week of work. Of course my taxi driver who said he'd be here at 8 didn't show up, so I had to get a new one. This guy was super duper nice and his English was pretty good, but he tried a shortcut and we wound up lost in the industrial area. He eventually turned off the meter. When we finally got to a place that I knew and directed us, he slapped his head and said "I so stupid!" So, what should have been an easy cab ride today was twice as long but twice as entertaining.

I really like this guy, Nidal, that I work with. He is older and spends his days writing proposals. He mentioned a heavy metal band and was shocked i knew who they were - I blame my boyfriend from high school. So, he and I talk metal (yes, I was a slight metal head in early high school), and rock and concerts. So, when a good concert comes up, he and I will be going.

I must say, that I have a new favorite dress. It was work and Middle East appropriate as well as being incredibly comfortable!! I may have to get some others in new colors. I brought my black wrap to work with me because while it is 40 degrees (Celsius) outside, it is barely above freezing in my indoor office!!!

Since Friday's lunch buffet was so delicious, I decided to try the dinner. Blegh. There were varying types of salad thingys and a few small desserts. Then you had to order one entree. Nothing looked overly appetizing so I just picked fish and chips. It was meh. I wished I had a pizza...

I am looking forward to the company party this weekend, though apparently because the next day is a religious festival, there will be no music and no drinks. Bummer. I haven't had a drink in about 11 days (I have been way too tired to even remotely miss it though - if i really wanted to, I could probably go to a resort hotel, but I'm not that worried). The good news is that means a three day weekend. Woot woot!!!


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