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June 8th 2012
Published: June 8th 2012
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Plate 1Plate 1Plate 1

the non-chicken was gross
I woke up after a good sleep last night, well except for the fireworks at either Burj Al Arab or Atlantis, or for my landlord calling me at 2:30am and asking me what kind of guy RJ was like...

I was soooo hungry, but didn't want the breakfast buffet again, so opted to wait for the lunch buffet. But that didn't start until 12:30, so I had about 4 hours to kill. I couldn't go anywhere since Friday is their Holy Day and the metro doesn't run until 2pm. So, I took a shower, read a little and played some farmville. Then it was about 9:30. So, I decided to do some laundry. I had tried to leave it for the maid yesterday, but I had to label each item and it would have cost me about $30-$40. Instead, I figured I would try to wash it myself, at least some of it. I washed my underwear, tshirts, and pajama pants. I think I did a pretty good job! They are hanging in my bathroom, but I probably should have put them outside so they could dry in like 5 minutes. I may still...

At 12:35, I had to
Plate 2Plate 2Plate 2

Everything was YUMMY
keep myself from running to the buffet. In the week that I've been here, I've lost 4 pounds. Believe me, I ain't complaining but I was famished! I had a granola bar for breakfast and a little chex mix for dinner, so I was ready to chow down. I was a little hesitant because the breakfast had been disappointing the last couple of times, but I didn't have to worry. The lunch buffet was A.Maz.Ing. First, I had to follow the women's delegation of Beautiful Swedish Women or something (Swedish - basically German with a French accent; it had been a while since I heard it). My first plate consisted of a black peppered steak thingy, some tomato meat pasta thingy, a kind of coleslaw, bell peppers with non-chicken, and vegetables. Let me just say, I've been really missing my vegetables. I love vegetables and they seem hard to come by here! I had brussell sprouts, carrots and broccoli - all overcooked, but still yum. I thought the bell peppers came with chicken, but I don't know what kind of poultry it was - not chicken and not turkey. I didn't finish it. My second plate was by far the
fancy gymfancy gymfancy gym

Very nice gym at my hotel, which I think I'll try out in the morning
best! I had a delicious fish (delicious!) with rice, more vegetables, a fruit salad and a "french pastry" (which was basically strawberry shortcake). Again, good fish, good veggies, the fruit salad was VERY refreshing and the strawberries on the cake were mouthwatering. I really wanted seconds (thirds?) because it was so good, but I was very full at that point and I thought asking for a doggie bag would be tacky...

One thing I've noticed here: People do not necessarily have drinks with their meal. I had to ask the waiter for a glass of water- there was no glass at my table and no drinks at the buffet. Weird. I have also gotten used to drinking room temperature water, which is not my favorite. Occasionally they do try to bring cold water but it seems to warm fast. I think it's not cold like we're used to having it, just slightly below room temperature. Which is also why I think that they are not that concerned about my refridgerator that doesn't refridgerate.

After lunch, I walked around the hotel for a bit, checked out the ridiculously fancy gym and the rooftop pool.

At 4:00, Joevet arrived
Resort hotel Resort hotel Resort hotel

Palm Jumeirah
with her cousin and drove me around the city. It was very nice of her and she showed me some good places where I may want to live. She also took me out to Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis - very cool! I can't believe how many rich, fancy homes and hotels are here. There really aren't this many rich people in the world, are there? But I got familiar with some parts of the City and may look to move to Tecom or Dubai Marina areas.

She dropped me at Mall of the Emirates where I figured I'd grab a bite to eat before I came home to pass out. I went to Shake Burger (I think that's what it's called) and got a cheeseburger with a peanut butter shake. For those who mock me about getting my well done burgers, saying they're too dry... Ha! This is one of the BEST most juiciest burgers I've ever had! I actually felt grease dribble down my chin and it was well done!

I went to take the metro to return home and holy crazy busy-ness! I couldn't even get on the first train! Most of that is because the

Homes near the entrance to the fronds on the Palm
women's car was completely full and there was a line to get on it. So, I waited for a regular car for the next train. I really haven't seen the trains that full, even during rush hour.

Tomorrow, if I have the energy, I am going to Dubai Mall and see about going to Burj Khalifa. I may just laze around too... We'll see!

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At the crescent of the Palm

8th June 2012

I love reading your travel blogs! Very colorful and entertaining! Thanks!
8th June 2012

Lovin the pix
Sounds like a good day off! :) I'm glad you have a couple of girls who are taking you under their wing a little! :) I definitely wouldn't do well there if veggies are hard to come by! Good luck, I'm sure once Jamie gets there you guys will nail down a good routine, and have a blast of course! :) Miss and love!!!

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