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November 5th 2011
Published: November 9th 2011
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Dipping my toes in Dipping my toes in Dipping my toes in

First time in a outdoor pool, waiting on the sun.
The plan was to go to bed and wake up the next morning nice and early, we ended staying up until 6am Dubai time, thus resulting in us sleeping in again, we called G and No.12 and they had also slept in as well, they said that they were on route and with breakfast. About 20min's later they came in and I just decided to cook for us all, French toast you can't be a good bit of French toast.

G had a plan on going to the beach as she wanted to top up her tan anyway and No.12 wanted to show us his pool at his apartment. We got on the road again and went to No.12's apartment which was stunning. The sun didn't look like he was at the side of the building where the pool was but we went up anyway as No.12 assured us that by midday it would be round.

We all got changed and I was first to take a dip this was my first experience of an outdoor pool, It was fun as you can see from the pictures. D decided to jump in with me and we had a laugh,
The sun is shinningThe sun is shinningThe sun is shinning

people kicking back and enjoying good times.
the sun didn't seem to want to come round so we all decided to ditch the pool and head right to the beach.

When we got to the beach the sun had his hat on we got a good flat bit on the beach and the girls set there towels up ready to lie back and relax but first thing was first for me and D, the sea, this was magical. It was so warm that it didn't seem real we were jumping about in the waves and having a ball up until I got a mouth full of sea water, not pleasant.

D and G started to soak up the sun while No.12 saw some of his pals and went to kick about a ball with them, I was going to join in but then I didn’t want to show off my football skills and upstage everyone else, I was on holiday after all. I decided to go a walk myself down the main stretch of the beach it was great just taking in the sites. I returned back to find D & G catching up on their girl chat so I decided to start to make
what ones bigger what ones bigger what ones bigger

but then again who really cares.
a little sculpture in the sand. It was nothing special but a couple of people did come up and said it was great I obv played up to it and was like "I know".

After we kicked off the sand and had a quick bite to eat we went back to the apartment and started to get ready as we were all going out for brunch. This was amazing 250 dirhams and that got you all you can eat which had everything on selection and also all you can drink which was a great laugh, as you can see from the pics. K and C became friends as they also came to the brunch we had some dinner we drank, sang and danced it was a scream.

The night was still young so G said that Karaoke was on in a mall so we jumped into a taxi and we were off. Harry ghatto's was the name of it everyone pilled in and ordered a drink while I grabbed the book, before D could even ask for ice I had my first song up and before I knew it I was singing with a prostitute which was fun.
My masterpieceMy masterpieceMy masterpiece

It was an eye heart u.
After my sing song with ping pong and a drink everyone was singing away. We stayed till the batteries died for a second time on the cordless mic's. Back to the apartment for a quick drink and then it was off to bed as we had to get up early for our next flight to Hong Kong.

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D lapping up the sunD lapping up the sun
D lapping up the sun

enjoying starting to tan.
nipple tweeknipple tweek
nipple tweek

light shinning above my head.

at bruch with a free drink that was not really free.
D loving it D loving it
D loving it

Happy they sell rose.
sun, sea and sandsun, sea and sand
sun, sea and sand

Ditched the pool and went right to the beach.
Me and No.12Me and No.12
Me and No.12

starting to get drunk.

With the laddies.
Sing us a songSing us a song
Sing us a song

And she did.
dancing to the last songdancing to the last song
dancing to the last song

last tune of the night your simply the best.

Trying to cover it up with the glec's
Just before we go Just before we go
Just before we go

One more photo.
Ragging bullRagging bull
Ragging bull

again won't be happy that this is upoaded, it's not like your single so its cool.
Ways to cool downWays to cool down
Ways to cool down

Had a glass of water doing nothing and I was hot.

starting to cool down.
put your hands up put your hands up
put your hands up

If your the Number 1 tour guide to Dubia
Strting to cool offStrting to cool off
Strting to cool off

thinking I'm cool

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