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June 15th 2010
Published: June 16th 2010
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Dubai at the Beginning...
Please excuse the spelling errors as I am writing this at 4:30 am on Wednesday morning, I will soon go back and edit for grammar/spelling =p.

I've decided to share some things that I have found odd or quite different from what I have been used to in Dubai. Below is that such list...

Dubai has a way to many roundabouts. It is a little ridiculous that all the inner road intersections are roundabouts

Speed bumps are as frequent as stop lights are in san francisco. They are every block if not more! These speed bumps are extremely annoying especially on a cab ride home afer a night out in the town.

Twin buildings- Dubai seems to like to make their buidlings in pairs. The Emirates towers, the fake chrystler buildings. For some reason buildings are not built as single structures but as multiple structures with the minimum number being at least 2. I'm surprised they only built one Burj Khalifa, although after learning about how they built tha buidling I was quite amazed that tey evn got that one built.

Crazy expensive cars! - I have never seen so many fancy cars in a

Dubai after more devlopment
week than I have in my entire LIFE!! Jaguars, Hummers, Ferraris, Nissan Zs, most Awesome lexus' and mercedes, porches if i knew more about cars i could name the models and the other crazy cars that I saw. Trust me when i say people in Dubai have too much money. Let me correct myself, Locals in Dubai have too much money.

Sand haze (fog) - It's like fog in San Francisco, almost always there and such a pain in the butthole when it comes to visibility of the skyline

Speedometer maximum - When you are driving and you hit the maximum speed limit (120km/hr) your car beeps and tells you that you have hit the maximum speed. I have never seen that in the US, and it is quite helpful although it is a little annoying when it keeps beeping when you fail to drop below the maximum. I think if that was instituted in America it would definitely keep my driving at a lower speed just because I would be utterly annoyed by the beeping.

Weekend (fri/sat) - yea their weekend is Friday and Saturday. A little odd, but i suppose it makes sense for their

See if you can spot doubles, or more...

Dry Country- this is perhaps the tortuous of them all. Alcohol is hard to come buy in Dubai. You cannot buy alcohol at a local store or at any place. The only places that sell alcohol are hotels or certain gentlemen clubs and by gentlement clubs I mean like golf clubs, boating clubs, etc. If you wish to buy bottles of alcohol you need a license, yes a license to buy alcohol and with that license you can only buy alcohol at certain stores which are few and sparse.

For the sake of this blog I will refrain from using certain phrases, but in Dubai that are very beautiful older women who are already married. It is quite surprising.

Crazy buildings- Dubai seems to pride themselves and producing buildings that are ridiculous in architecture and design. It is very appealing to the eye and intriguing to the engineering mind. Examples include Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Emirates Towers, and towers that start out thin and get wider at the top. There are so many random builidngs that have twists and turns in their structures, it is quite eye-catching.

Water fountains everywhere- you'd think for a city that is based in the desert that they'd be more careful with water usage. However it seems that every buidling must have a waterfall in front of their buidling, and even the housing complexes must have waterfalls every so many houses. I assume that water is a sign of prosperity, however I find it ridiculous that there are that many waterfalls. Nonetheless the waterfalls are appealing to the eye and are not just normal wterfalls but well thought out elaborate and interesting waterfals. For example one waterfall had a boat structure coming out from a pool of water, and there were two sails, which were made of water flowing from a tube. So that the waterfalls made the sails of the boat. It was definitely appealing to the naked eye, and most likely the clothed eye as well. sry real corny.

Laws- from what I hear the laws are based on Islamic Religion and some of the punishments from my perspective/ frame of reference of how I have been brought up seem ridiculous. For example
-Couple jailed for kissing in public
-Highschool student jailed for 4 years for smoking marijuana
-Australian professor and his family deported for showing the middle finger to a local who cut them off when driving
-Can be jailed without question if someone claims that you have been speaking falsely about the Islamic religion
Basically it appears from what I have heard that the law in Dubai is "Guilty untill proven Innocent."

Just some food for thought and insight on what I have noticed in Dubai. Hope you enjoy.


16th June 2010

wow! thanks for sharing! can't wait to read more!! BTW: I had to find this blog on my own!!
16th June 2010

what you mean you had to find it on your own? I posted directions on how to see it.
17th June 2010

Which Games are you going to be at?
Which Games are you going to be at? I wanna watch and see if I can see your sexy Indian face!
17th June 2010

Where did you post them? I didn't see the directions...
18th June 2010

Game Schedule
England vs Algeria Portugal vs. Korea DPR maybe Cameroon vs. Netherlands/Holland Rd 16 in Port Elizabeth maye Rd 16 in Cape town
18th June 2010

I posted directions to view the blog on facebook megz

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