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December 6th 2007
Published: December 6th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hey again all.
Well, coming up to early December now. Xmas is creeping up on us. We have a VIP visitor so we are looking towards that now. Planning what we need for him, getting his accomodation sorted and the transport planned so we look good when the brass travels through. It's been pretty crazy for the last week or so. Ship left last Sat and we have been trying to wind down but it hasn't seemed to be working. Urgent defects left right and centre as they work the kinks out of their procedures and new equipment.

Had a bit of a break Tuesday Wednesday though. Got our trip down to Dubai overnight. We got in about midday, then spent all afternoon driving around looking at all the places of interest. American Hospital and Dental clinic where we take all of our cases when the ships in. The two major shopping points that the crew will want to visit. Seeing the rough location of the major hotels they are staying in too. Also did a quick stop in at Aussie Mikes. This is a Jewellery store. Now in it's fifth generation of the family, expat who really does stand for quality over price. Actually garaunteed too. They come with a certificate of their value, and if you get it valued at anything different back in Australia you can take it to their stores in Sydney (they now have three there) and they will give you store credit for what you paid. No questions asked. Really good stuff in there too.

Oh, this is what I was driving too. Audi A6. We rent hire cars through them every week so we often get free upgrades. We only ever ask for Chev Caprice (Still getting used to seeing commodores with Chev badges) but sometimes we get lucky. And this one was brand new. Check out the tacho!.

We got some down time while there as well. Went out for dinner and went to a bar that the guy I was with knew. Really good too. Great atmosphere and service. And the music was cool too. The band was playing rock. Pretty heavy stuff too. The total randomness of it hit me on about the third song. I am sitting, in a bar in Dubai, middle of the Arab world, listening to a Korean band play Metallica. And play it well too. They were really good. I will definitely be recommending it for the boys when they get in.

It wasn't all play thought. Wednesday we drove down to Fuj for our normal visit. Aircraft from Australia came in with a fair bit of stores for us. We packaged and labelled it for the Yanks to fly it up to us in Bahrain. Then dealt with a few pallets of stores that have been sitting around there since the last ship arrived. Just taking up space. So we dumped them on the deck and the Army guys who work there are consigning them back to Australia on one of their cargo aircraft. Out of our hair now. So if anyone looks we have a grand total of two drums of emergency oil, and two pallets of stand by med stores for the ship. That's it. We look damn good.

Well have to be off again. Back to work today to see how much stuff fell apart in our absence. Hope everyone back home is well and not working too hard.

Till next time.



12th December 2007

Hi mate
Thanks for putting this up mate - it's good to see what you're up to! Love the wheels, when you get back you'll probably be able to afford to buy some yourself.

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