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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain » Jebel Hafeet October 5th 2009

Al Ain, is the oasis town in the centre of the United Arab Emirates, where for many years, tribes & locals from Abu Dhabi & surrounds, who worked on the coast for their fishing/pearl diving & trade, travelled inland to this oasis in the summer months for some cooler relief. What was once a long arduous camel ride is now a 1 & 1/2hr freeway drive from Abu Dhabi island. It nears the border of Oman, surrounded by the Hajir mountains which divides Oman & that's a bit of background! We headed off, zooming down the freeway, passing turban clad men wandering & squatting by the sides of the desert highway....hitching rides or doing the long walk home in the mid-day heat... past "farms"..the kind you get in the desert... penned off areas.... sand-dunes & ... read more
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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain » Jebel Hafeet October 12th 2007

Ya, thats a new word Kavita came up with when she heard some noise from the backpack she was carrying up the hill two nights ago. We are still trying to place what the sound was! Went for a overnighter to Jebel Hafeet for some barbecued chicken, rough sleeping in tents and awesome morinng views. Missed tea big time though since the fire was a lil' bit on the dying side due to winds. Went star spotting, fire gazing, rock-top contemplating, fossil hunting, climbing (falling sometimes :) hey gravity works there too!) The hot springs were closed so no dip in the allegedly healing waters of Green Mubazzara. To kill time we had to hit Al Ain zoo which was a big mistake. Well maintained but almost all the animals were in a sad state. Especially ... read more
Fault line??
Where the land and the skies meet.

Tit for Tat! I literally got Shyju and Irfan off their bed at 11 in the night cause I decided to go camping. I know they hated me for it but after that great night and early morning photoshoot, I know they have forgiven me. All's well that ends well! ... read more
Yathi at its peak
Boys thing!
Green Mustaffa

There and back again in 12 hrs! Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain » Jebel Hafeet By YathiApril 13th 2007Yathi A really short trip. Almost dropped it but I hate changing plans especially when it comes to travel so though might as well climb and come back the next day! Met Tejas at Abu dhabi and the pics will tell the rest..... Ever wondered how photography gets in your way of having fun on travel. I reached a point that I am having to conciously tell myself to put my camera inside my pack to really enjoy the moment. I mean it was on... read more
Hanging on to the tip!
The summit

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Al Ain » Jebel Hafeet December 1st 2006

Finally a break in my schedule and I am off to explore the big wide world again. This time to Jebel Hafeet, a 4000 foot mountain in Al Ain bordering Oman. The road was desribed as the greatest driving road in the world and I went to see if thats true!! I tied up all the loose strings at work and made some calls to mates who were interested in tagging along. But I realized my friends are all chickens down here. They keep talking about how they love to travel, camp, hike and make a fire and blah, blah, blah but when the real deal comes up its too cold or too late in the night or too long a stay!!! Travelling should be a full time hobby just like drugs or motocross. U gotta ... read more
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