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Liwa is one of the natural Oasis areas in the UAE and is surrounded by some of the highest sand dunes in the world. Moreeb Dune (translation - Scary Dune) is some 385 metres above sea level and gets used for hill climbs in super modified vehicles, a bit like Mike's sweet dune buggy.... read more
Back of Moreeb Dune
"I take you big ride?"

Finally got the Land Cruiser off the tarmac, thanks to Gerry and Mike who planned a trip to Fossil Rock via a quad bike rental place. They have been driving in the desert for 25+ years and have certainly got sweet desert driving skills. It was heartening to know that while Rod has been racing motorbikes and sidecars off road for over 50 years he binned the quad after less than 3 minutes, so I don't feel so bad binning mine about 5 seconds later - into his upside down bike. Rod takes credit for the photos, which were all taken while stationary, it's not easy to snap away while trying to hang on to 3 tonnes of car that has got all four wheels in the air. I think Sherren is going to get a ... read more
More Quad action
Nice looking bird

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Abu Dhabi March 20th 2006

Another weekend, another adventure. This weekend, four of us—me, Lindsey, Ilmarie, and Simon, the one who likes to do drawrings—went to Abu Dhabi, UAE to see the Red Bull Air Race. I know I was a little verbose with the last post, so I’ll spare you from all of the small details of the weekend. We left early on Friday morning; too early for all of our liking, but it allowed us to get into Abu Dhabi, check into our fabulous corner suite at the Sheraton (it wasn’t the new fancy pants 7 star hotel, but it was still a steal of a deal), eat and shop a bit before the race. Quick aside: Abu Dhabi has an IKEA and a Tiffany & Co…we thought we found heaven in the Middle East. I, of course, went ... read more
Polly Pocket
Livin' the Good Life
St. Paddy's Day

Hi again after a short time.....there was a hitch getting photos on the blog but that is fixed now. I'm back at Cate's, after my trip to Doha, with the use of her computer so I'll throw a few more photos on. Then I can clear my camera before heading off to Egypt tomorrow for the start of the next chapter. You might not hear from me for three weeks or so while "I'm on the road again....." (my theme song)! To all the people who have sent is so cool to get them. Please don't think I'm ignoring you if I don't send a reply and keep them coming. Lots of love Dee ... read more
Traditional Bedouin tent
Cate and Lorna

As-salaam alaykum (greeting) from UAE in The Middle East. I arrived at Dubai airport at 5.30am so it was still dark. I got off the plane onto the tarmac to board a bus to drive to the terminal (this place is huge) and was hit by the cold! After Singapore I was freezing and had to put a jacket on, not what I expected. After a long process getting through customs I finally found myself outside the airport and started to look for the bus stop. A taxi driver tried to tell me there were no buses just as one drove past. Got myself on the bus to go into the city where I caught another bus to Abu Dhabi (about 2 hours away). The driver was very helpful, making men move to give me a ... read more
Mohammed, the apartment watchman, in the foyer with Cate.
View left out Cate's window
View right out Cate's window

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Abu Dhabi December 7th 2004

My mum had been going on at me for ages to visit the UAE with her, well, last December I did and I was not disappointed. Those Arabs really have got it right, the sun was shinning every day, the food was top quality, it was so safe and their vision and innovasion is really out of this world. We stayed with local friends in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, and we visited Dubai for a few days. Check out these pics: ... read more
Henna me up!
Us ladies at the wedding
Traditional lights

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Abu Dhabi September 26th 2004

So my work needed an architectural model bought over to Abu Dhabi, and the cheapest way I found was for someone to fly over there! I joked with my boss and said that I would go and he said yes straight away, so that was that!!! So the flight, hotel and expenses were sorted!!! So I get to Heathrow Airport really early and I go to check in and of course they are asking about the model and who packed it and I'm so worried because it had been packed already and to unpack it and pack it again would be a nightmare. Luckily for me, they let me take it on the plane, but then when I got on the plane, I had problems finding space to put the model because it was quite big! ... read more
Le Meridien Hotel
Le Meridien Hotel
Le Meridien Hotel

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