Abu Dhabi...finally visiting the great mosque!

Published: June 10th 2017
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I've been over ten times to Dubai, but never stepped foot in Abu Dhabi. I have to admit, the Great Mosque has been for years on my wish list of places to visit. Here it is!

This blog is just a month overdue, I know! We first spent few days in Dubai. We met some friends, I obviously went back to ski at Ski Dubai, but not many pictures from this part, so no blog either. We rented a car for the two nights we would be spending in Abu Dhabi. First time driving for me in the UAE, and it actually went pretty fine. The main rule here, is be careful of the crazy driving of the locals...because whatever happen, you will be wrong and it will cost you. Good news, it's 90% foreigners on the road, locals driving huge black cars, they are pretty easily spotted even in the rear mirror! Not kidding!

There are two main things to visit in Abu Dhabi. The first is the Great Mosque, the second is Ferrari World. We did the first but passed on the second. I have to admit, I'm not more a huge fan of super fast roller coasters! Beside this, there is not a lot to visit in this Emirate. Abu Dhabi is the official capital of the United Arab Emirates. So it's embassies all around, and a pretty quiet and conservative place too. If you want to party, this is not your place for sure!

Tanya have some very old friends living and working here, so we were treated to an amazing Lebanese dinner one night. Just amazing food and great company!

I'm sure you've seen pictures of the Great mosque before. Good we have a car, because it is pretty far away from downtown. We are already in May, so not a great idea to visit the place in the middle of the day. It's pure stunning white marble, so try to imagine the heat in the middle of the day.

We went just an hour before sunset. The place is very well organized, and yes ladies need to be properly fitted. Entry is free, as well as the proper outfit for those not covered properly. So I give you few pictures of my cute Tanya. It took us well over an hour to visit the place. I wish I had a better camera with me, but the place is simply stunning!

Imagine inside, the carpet seems or actually is one single carpet, must be the biggest one in the world! Lot's of tourists from all over the world around us, and even more Philippinos all around. It's a truly fun visit. We didn't take a guided tour, but the stroll around is pretty amazing.

When it comes to hotels in Abu Dhabi, they are seriously cheaper than the ones in Dubai. For what we saw, they also look way older. but at the end of the day, it was a pretty good deal. I'm not sure I'm going to stop every time we are passing by Dubai. We will be back to visit friends, but that's about what I can write about Abu dhabi. Seriously happy to have visited the Great Mosque!

Next blog, coming soon, I'm just back to home!

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12th June 2017
Best time to visit, sunrise, or sunset!

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